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  1. Starting Nei Gong for kundalini

    Thanks Rara Much appreciated
  2. Starting Nei Gong for kundalini

    Hi Rara Im in Leicester
  3. Starting Nei Gong for kundalini

    This is all very interesting. Eric Isen seems awesome as he can check properly a person's energy system and tell them what practices they need. Also my years of silent meditation have helped in that I can hold a no thought state easily. But all my blockages and traumas are left untouched and remain. Damo Mitchell is highly recommended by everyone and it was his book reviews on Amazon that got me to start this thread in the first place. Then finally another option is KAP1. So many choices but which to go with....hmmmmmm
  4. Starting Nei Gong for kundalini

    Ok I will pm you later regarding this. Thank you
  5. Starting Nei Gong for kundalini

    I understand it is a long process, I don't care asking as I'm feeling or noticing changes in my energy. I've been meditating for around 8 years and my kundalini "activated" a few years ago so in desperate need of some progressive active practices. Who can you recommend as a online teacher? Thanks
  6. Starting Nei Gong for kundalini

    So what's the alternative as Nei Gong classes in UK are few and far between. I do have a KAP facilitor that isn't that far but it's expensive and that's only KAP1 then would need to keep going. Still much prefer the sound of Nei Gong.
  7. Hi guys I've been practicing simple meditation where I just observe thought and leave them alone. A no thought state is fairly simple at this point. I recently been wondering why my kundalini doesn't move much and is active but not very..... Then I found out about qi gong and nei gong via book reviews on Amazon with A comprehensive guide by Damo Mitchell recieving rave reviews. What I wanted to ask you experienced practitioners is can I start a Nei Gong practice by just following a book as there are no classes near me whatsoever. I want to really give this a go as the practices seem to get energy moving and clearing/cleansing the energy system which just isn't happening with my meditations and other Hindu based practices like mantra etc have limited effect for me. Nei Gong seems ideal. Thanks
  8. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    What's everyones problem on here it's just a scan. Can't you just protect yourself from anything more than what your asking for? I had a scan and feel fine, nothing to worry about and a bit weird that your so full of fear on this.
  9. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Thanks for the scan bro, like I thought the solar plexus is my main problem currently. I will.work on that and hopefully the heart will benefit too. All the best mate.
  10. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Sure Jeff go ahead and thanks pal. Of course I understand a professional is better than an amateur but what can you do when a professional is asking for $108 which I don't have. For now just a scan from somebody will suffix until I get back on my feet financially. But I defo understand where your coming from.
  11. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    I'm not begging but thanks for the link. At this moment I just don't have the $108 for a consultation.
  12. Hi guys I've been having problems with blocked chakras for many years and after allot of meditation, chanting etc I still feel really blocked. Is there anybody here who can scan my chakras one by one and let me know the state of each. I need to start going at this more intelligently and more focused. Cheers
  13. Help with stagnant kundalini

    That's awesome I will start this today and see where it takes me over the next 100 days. Thanks
  14. Help with stagnant kundalini

    Wow. Your kundalini is very active, the tingle you mentioned is this in spine? I've only felt it twice on my journey, once whilst chanting the Gayatri mantra with my wife and again in a group meditation with the same. The triangles and geometrical patterns your seeing over situations etc this is the kind of thing that intrigues me and makes me want to pursue this further.
  15. Help with stagnant kundalini

    Sorry for the late reply I would love you to scan me to check what's going on. I did a shaktipat around 7 years ago and it was done via me looking at the gurus picture and over time in meditation my pelvis started to rotate. I kept at this until now I can feel the kundalini in me whenever I stop to check or stop thinking. And yes I can stop my thoughts whenever I please "if I remember to do so that is" Apart from that the feeling is the kundalini builds up energy in the perineum but just won't rise from there. Thanks P.s I understand fully what kundalini is, just my original post likely makes me sound a rookie. But I know all about it and it's the path I'm on.