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  1. Tai chi for enlightenment dvd

    Try contacting Barry at http://www.healingtaobritain.com/index.html He may have a copy to sell you. Otherwise if it is something that attracts you you might want to spend the money and have the experience. Good luck.
  2. book search

    Here is the title and author in Chinese: 二百五十歲人瑞實記 楊森 等著
  3. book search

    I would better suggest you contact Stuart Olsen at http://valleyspiritarts.com/index.html I would think he has a copy, as his English book quotes him. Interesting to note Stuart mentions in his book that he practiced the Eight Brocades and not Ba Gua. Maybe another small part translated?? http://sanctuaryofdao.org/blog/files/a41cbb16b2d1f17be67ea21182c32a77-9.html
  4. book search

    You probably have to source the book in Taiwan as it is in Chinese. You would then pay someone to translate it for you.
  5. Mantak Chia - Looking For A Clear Picture

    Hi all, I don't frequent here much but I wanted to add my 2 cents. Master Chia in my experience and opinion is a very talented, skillful, and smart teacher. I have personally witnessed him manipulating chi in different ways. I do not doubt his skills. If you want to really find out he usually does world tour workshops once a year and is in the States on both coasts during those times. Master Chia learned from his teacher from a long traditional line. He undertook the task of bringing the traditional teachings to the west. Before his books came out (1982) the only thing around was Charles Luk's Taoist Yoga and that is not easy to practice from. There was nothing else, so he was a pioneer in the west. That being said alchemy and for that matter I would say life is an experimental science. Master Chia besides also having other yogic teachers that he learned from decided to improve on his learning (most would want to too)and accumulate and experiment with new teachings that work and fit well from other different sources. So as for his books, well his English grammer isn't the best. Usually he has an editor/collaborator that does his books with him. Are there dangerous techniques in some of the books, yes. The power lock comes to mind as dangerous. Is all of the material in all the books original from him, no but most is. As to the Cosmic Healing books being plagirized, maybe or it may be so. If it is so it is not right but it still doesn't detract from him being a skillful teacher, etc. "You can make up your own damn mind." Regards.
  6. hi, I want to buy your "water of life VHS video", could you please send me the details to: [email protected]

    Thank you,


  7. The Flyers

    Serious as a puking fart. You may, though I'm not sure what to share. Though I can relate an experience I had a long time ago. I had been practicing Tai Chi for a time, maybe two years. One day I was playing football in my yard with my friends. I was the kicker, and after the kick off my friend got the ball and broke through the line of everyone and it was only me left between him and the goal line. Running up to him I had my internal dialouge shut off automatically. The last few feet I stepped up to him and I did a Tai Chi posture just like I practiced in the form, I hit him without any strength/force I could detect, and he was shot up off the ground and flipped in mid air before landing on the ground head pointed towards me. It took me five minutes of forcing myself to try to restore the internal dialouge. I may have read a little bit of Castaneda's books at the time but maybe a year of two later it is uncanny to see in print some alien idea of the human internal dialouge and shutting it off and then to know without a shadow of a doubt that it can be done!
  8. The Flyers

    You let the secret out, btw made in China.
  9. The Flyers

    It is a matter of impecability. Said another way if you stop self importance you can start to accumulate energy, they will find you not palatable and flee. Though no one really knows that your mind is a foreign installation of them and not your mind. Recapitulate and intend it.
  10. The Flyers

    I like the painting, nice colors besides showing something out of this world. In their culture is the only way to have the visions/experiences is by only taking ayahuasca? Or is there other techniques.
  11. The Flyers

    I've always been curious if any other sources like Taoist etc. referenced the flyers. Not saying I am well read but I haven't come across much. An interesting similarity about something else that I've found is in 'Opening the Dragon's Gate", Wang Li Ping goes over a part of his training in a dark box and reviewing parts of his life. It sounds almost exactly like CC mentioning the recapitulation.
  12. The Flyers

    CC had an original that was in color but needed to be magnified to see the flyer. Hard to remember from 15 yrs ago if this one is the same. The picture in the link was originally published in a magazine article in Mexico by Tony Lama and the article was about strange things ie. flying at the temple of the sun. The manifested flyer according to CC was because of all the people there having a Buddhist ceremony that the flyers came to feast on. If you look at the attached gif, any icons look familiar? (Click on the Yahoo banner to see)
  13. The Flyers

    If anyone wants to see a picture of one it is located here:
  14. The Flyers

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
  15. Acne cure

    Hi, Maybe Google "How To Treat male Hormonal Acne". Some say Saw Palmetto is helpful. If you keep at this and keep trying different methods you will eventually get one to work. Good luck. Regards.