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  1. David Shen Verdesi Master

    Why put first doubt? Why doubt first? Any Idea is alive, ideas are live. Ideas want to survive. Ideas eat and drink Will. Ideas become reality if they have enough power. So, why doubt first? Every thing is a reflection of our self, how far is someone of something if it starts with doubt? Imagine meeting this person (youll not lose money or time since these things are not real, are easy) and say to him: the power of my will wants to know if you are real, I will do anything to experience, if he is not real could be possible that something still inside yourself is far of that reality? isreal
  2. Israel from Mexico

    Thank you Mal! I hope. Its a nice forum. Saludos a Australia. Israel
  3. Israel from Mexico

    all in all is all we all are Hello everybody, my name is Israel, I am from Mexico. pura fiesta. I have been into the spiritual stuff since I am a kid.7 Ramtha cult for several years; breathing exercises, meditation, neuro programming, magick, etc. I like Tao. I hope to share good things with everyone here, both ways. israel
  4. hi, I want to buy your "water of life VHS video", could you please send me the details to: [email protected]

    Thank you,