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Laws of Attraction

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I wanted to share my story about laws of attraction. I first started my inquiry into

meta-physical studies after reading yogananda's book. I never did

finish it, but it started a series of other positive things.


I used to spend a lot of time in Sauna rooms and hot tubs

relieving stress. One day I was in the Sauna and a gentleman

walked in. He immediately ask me how I was doing. I said I was

ok. His next words were I'm a yoga teacher. I didn't ask

him about whether he was a yoga teacher. Maybe he misheard

me. I said, thats interesting, I'm reading a book by yogananda.

I'm second guessing myself, I didn't ask about his background.


We proceed to talk about the book for about an hour. I said

I didn't believe in the books events. He said he was very closed

to it. I thought wow. I said the only way to be like jesus is to

give up everything, even your life. He said he was very near to it.


Later, after we were about to depart, he says his name is Steve...

and by the way he said, I'm a retired US ARMY GENERAL. I was

like wow, how often does someone get to shake a generals hand, let

alone talk to one for an hour in person.


I wanted to laugh afterwards because I really talked to him like I

actually knew more than him.


The guy looked like he was about 50, but I think he was much older

and very fit. He had more muscles then me. I could tell during

his younger days, he was a strong man.


When I think back now, I do believe in the law of attraction. I think

I was meant to meet him.


Well, since then, I've met my other teacher too, coincidentally they say.

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