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What do you people think of this and have you worked with this in your Qi Gong?



The video says what I've always felt.

when looking at the symbol in the end it draws my attention to these thouhts by

Nassim Haramein (thanks)


When I stand in my lohan feeling the energy float through the 8 extraordinary meridians just feeling how I connect energetically and exchange qi with nature I think about the twelve ordinary I already worked on to prepare myself to be strong enough to work this spiral energy..on my way to things I yet don't know..just said something in my PM too didn't I.

12 - 8 -


strange numbers im no good with numbers all i see is shapes and colors trying to bring it down.

I'll be damned if I understand? :lol:

Still I keep on asking the questions. and so do alot of others :) ;


Michelangelo was

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