Recording Your Dreams On VHS!

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Oooh, I was posting about this the other day;-)


What's scary about someone else knowing 'what' you're dreaming? Half the time I can't work it out;-)


I'll admit that I definitely auto-censure when the stuff gets too weird (or rated;-)) to tell people about ;)

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And cool, yes true.

I remember a movie where a person was in a futuristic jail. And he was dreaming of having sex, and was awaken by the robot, who sensed his happiness, checked what he was dreaming about, and then awoke him.


The moment a society reaches a point where we can check what each other are thinking a big leap on the level of (forced) integration can, will and must happen.


Are we all going to become monks with a clean mind?

Succesful monks, with a clean mind!


Even if this does not happen it can still be very bad. Think about a situation where no one checks your mind... except when they want to frame you. This is not hard to imagine. So people check your mind and realise what a dangerous monster you were in your secret internal world. So they force you into hospitalization before you act out your fantasies.


In a sense I might even prefer a world were we all can read each other minds.


Also think about the next level of exhibitionism:

"Here is a webcam of my mind."


And voyerism:

"I know you were dreaming of me, don't deny it!"


I can see the Game just rising to new heights! :lol:

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Wow thanks once again for the goods mwight. You keep coming through with them :)


Hopefully It would prompt a much greater level of compassion for each other through forcing us to acknoledge the Crap we are ALL carrying within us. Not just criminals.


It could also have some amazing Social ramifications when a really pure soul is hooked up. Imagine being able to watch a spiritual experience such as Seeing/experiencing the oneness of all life...


Or just being able to see the results of negative thinking, anger, joy, Love...


Wow. Politician's using their Mind scans as election campaining material. "See, I really am a nice compassionate, Man with grounded logical thinking capacities!"


I guess we will see. It may through out trial by jury as well.



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