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  1. if hotels are that cheap it may not matter
  2. Hi everyone. I have a close friend who will be traveling to China making a trip to see a few high level masters. I know one master is near Beijing. He is also traveling to Lung Fu Shan in Jiangxi Province. Also he may be seeing another master but I am unsure where he is located, so as I get more info I'll post it. Money is tight and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help him. If you are in china and would be willing to accommodate him he is a high level student, kind and sincere. If you live or rent in china and would be willing to help please let me know. I believe he will be leaving in around or before Christmas I believe.
  3. Nei Gong: Taoist Process of Internal Change

    I am going to quote master Lin here, I hope he wont mind. Three Secrets of Practicing Qigong Effectively 1) Go into the emptiness Countless different Qigong and meditation exercises exist. All teach the basic idea of using consciousness to go into the emptiness where thoughts ultimately cease or greatly diminish and sensory connections to our bodies fade. We and everything in our world are all from the emptiness and will go back to the emptiness. It is a state of pure energy where we are one with the universe. Our bodies naturally direct us to the emptiness. When we get sick, for example, the first place we go is not to the hospital, but to bed. When we sleep, we feel relaxed and peaceful. We bring our mind and body into the emptiness. Everybody does this automatic meditation without noticing it during sleep and periods of deep relaxation. Most of our daily energy blockages are opened and resolved in this way The deeper you go into the emptiness, the faster your body will heal. By practicing Qigong we go into the emptiness where we effortlessly balance the Yin and Yang, the female and male energy. As the balance of energy comes back, the body heals. 2) Keep it simple My masters told me the most powerful is usually the simplest. Many Qigong exercises are too complicated and cloaked with mystery. Qigong, in its fundamental form, is very simple. For instance, it is very easy to open energy channels. When you open your fingers, all the energy channels in the hands open. When you move your heels up and down, you open all six energy channels in the feet. It is not necessary to learn complicated movements to open channels and release blocks. 3) Use your consciousness When doing Qigong exercise, we use sensation of the body to feel the moving Qi. How we use our mind influences the flow of Qi. Positive thoughts, for example, encourage you to gain back your health and instantaneously direct Qi in optimal ways. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, discourage you from fulfilling your task, block energy, and create sickness. -Chunyi Lin Spring Forest Qigong
  4. Attention Sean

    I did actually have an online account to a paid service hacked ( IQ training software) they changed my username to gayfaghole and I never could get my password back. I called the owner of the site and spoke to him, he dodged the issue and eventually the service shut down. I called the local police about investigating, they told me to call the cops in the town where the business was located, I called them, they told me to call the fbi, I called the fbi and was given the run around. So even if you have proof most authorities don't care about cyber crime unless they have a bug up their ass about something.
  5. Intention

    my goal in meditation is to go into the emptiness, the void, beyond death. To a point in which reality breaks down, I can't feel my physical body, or the outside world. It's a wonderful place to be.
  6. Winter Blahs

    St. Johns wort in clinical trials has been shown more effective with prozac. Fish oil and b-vitamins also boost its effectiveness. lifting weights and chi kung sitting emptyness, standing emptyness, and active chi kung exercises will help you tremendously. If you haven't allready heard about spring forest qigong I highly reccomend it. also there is a book called the tao of meditation which is very awesome.
  7. Awesome Song

    oV2tYtehOQA another favorite
  8. Awesome Song

    Wanted to share this remix with you guys nin is one of my favorite artists, and this remix was really good. In This Twilight by Nine Inch Nails. tSjmRBfHOf8
  9. How many Bless their food?

    I don't give thanks, but I ask for the forgiveness of the life that was taken so I could eat it. One thing since I was a child that has really really bothered me was the fact that everything I consume was slaughtered (even vegetables) just so I could eat it. I know this sounds insane, but I view myself as a society of cells, and my consciousness / ego is the government. It seems as though I conquer other lesser societies and slaughter them to take their lives resources and integrate them into my being. It all seems so wrong, I wish I could photosynthesize my own food sometimes, without killing anything to do it.
  10. The Tao Bums Know-it-Alls

    I think some of us here (like me) are just extremely skeptical, and burnt out on all this spiritual marketing bullshit, there are 100,000,000 newagey type books published every month and almost none of them have any legit information. I've watched friends from high school piss their life away believing they can accomplish anything via magick (like hollowing out mountains, and creating animated skeletons) taking it to delusional levels. I don't know if I count as a know-it-all, but I do believe some practices are more effective than others. Twirling around with a spellbook chanting a spell and brewing a alchemical potion isn't likely to get me anywhere nearer towards my end goal of liberation, for that reason I want to make sure any practices I use have been tried and tested and produce results. I like to practices which have been validated, with hard evidence. gTummo, and Mo Pai are two such practices. I am also interested in other forms of qigong/neigong but I really don't care much about anything else unless there is good evidence to validate it.