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Hershey's pure cacoa powder, is this raw?

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Ok, I guess I should not be looking at Hershey's products for health food, but there pure cacoa powder is only $2.99 and although not organic I was wondering if anyone knows if it is raw. I know it is not organic but I am sick of paying so much for organic superfoods, they are so expensive that a guy working at whole foods told me they stopped carrying some of these products because they were very expensive and were not selling well eneough here in Boston. I think organic foods should be priced around 50 percent more or so, I am willing to pay this. Raw organic cacao powder sells for $9.00 and this is for a half pound, that is a 300 percent increase over the Hershey's half pound. I can get wolfberries (goji berries) in chinatown for $4.50 but if I want organic I will pay $18.00 at one of the health food stores, that is a 400 percent increase. I also notice they sell these foods in the supplement section instead of grocery, these are not supplements, they are food.

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