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  1. Best way to enlightenment

    My opinion, in a word: every system has its own special benefits and pitfalls. Sorcery can leave you trapped in a cage, detachment can be cold comfort, philosophy and ritual can be empty, and direct experience can mislead. Be wary of anyone who claims that any particular system is the best for everyone period. Keep right on forum hopping, and keep asking questions ! "Can you feel it, now that it has come That it's time to live in the scattered sun?" ~Jim Morrison
  2. Amazing Chinese Master

    I think my favorite part is that at the end as he lies flattened beneath the tree, everybody just calmly walks away, like "Eh, oh well, that was a little disappointing. Where do you guys want to eat dinner?".
  3. Poll: non-Taoist influences

    The Tao of the impeccable warrior ! I think you and I may be very much alike . If you don't mind me asking, could you be a little more specific on how the Spirits of Nature inspire your practice? I'm very curious -- nature is an important part of my practice too. I've been there, believe me; but nihilism is just plain no fun. Finally I decided that it was equally pointless to be entirely without inspiration and motivation, so I resolved to invent my own philosophy/religion/system. That was the moment my spirituality took on a life of its own, and since then, life has been getting steadily more interesting as I collect useful tidbits from everything I encounter . It began as nothing more than an exercise, a gesture; now I doubt I could stop it if I tried . Perhaps I am taking you more seriously than you intended, but walk your path, follow your heart, and don't lose yourself -- just remember (and I cannot stress this enough): "He who is not a bird should not build his nest over abysses." ~Nietzsche
  4. Poll: non-Taoist influences

    Wow, lots of Jiddhu Krishnamurti fans it seems. Perhaps you should try a different translation As opposed to, say, the Apocrypha ? Actually, I thought the jury was still out on the Gospel of Thomas specifically. Just out of curiosity, do you have any references for articles etc.? Don't get me wrong, I can't blame them too much for rejecting a document that flies in the face of their accepted beliefs. Then again, there are probably Christians out there reading it as we speak, and really enjoying it; after all, I used to be one of them...long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away . Edit: grammar
  5. Last time you were sick?

    I last got sick a month ago (sinus infection) but before that it had been over a year and a half; my wife and kid both caught strep throat and ended up in the doctor's office with high grade fevers and on antibiotics, and I just had a slightly sore throat for a few days. Considering I live in a very small house with a young child and I work in the school system I feel pretty good about that record . It routinely happens that my wife and child will get sick, but no matter how much I share drinks (or otherwise swap saliva with the missus ) I never catch whatever they have. I'm no healer like some of you, or even anything near that, but my wife is a little high strung and is only very slowly coming around to spiritual practices of any kind. Makes me wonder...
  6. Amazing Chinese Master

    The next big thing in martial arts pay-per-view! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W1ym3yggR4...feature=related
  7. Poll: non-Taoist influences

    I understand -- it doesn't seem like a contradiction to me at all . Ah, the Gnostic Gospels...very cool! I read this one years ago and it really blew me away. If only more Christians would read it perhaps this world would be a better place. Mat Black, I am familiar with none of those, and xuesheng, I have not heard the name of Anthony de Mello in a long time. Good, I was hoping someone would give me something to research . I love it! Keep them coming, everyone!
  8. For the past few weeks I have had a little more free time than usual, and I have been wondering: what guides the Tao Bums besides Taoism? I myself have special places in my heart reserved for Castaneda and Nietzsche. Music also plays a vital role in my life. Tell me, which reflections of the Sun speak to you the loudest?
  9. Difference between SP or REAL DEMON POSSESION

    Taken from Sleep Paralysis or Demonic Possession thread: Can anyone identify this entity as something described in Taoist or other mythology, or otherwise having a name? Has anyone else perhaps had experience with it? I realize it's a shot in the dark, it's just that it occurs to me there may not be a better time or place to try and find out and I could use a little sanity check here since I'm pretty convinced it was an external entity. I think you nailed it. I think it's just that many people on this forum like to know why they are to believe something, not just what to believe, so any system of belief that is unfamiliar and different is bound to pass through a lot of, shall we say, "scrutiny". Moreover, I expect the teeth of the comb will be finer where the ideas are perceived to be somehow compulsory, superfluous, superstitious, or exclusive of other viewpoints. I wouldn't take it too personally, Mak Tin Si, although it doesn't seem like you are; I don't think there are many people on this forum who can honestly say they don't get chewed out at least every once in awhile . It's natural that conversation get heated every now and then, since after all, some of these questions are literally about life and death. Peace all
  10. Kimbo Slice down

    Sounds right to me. Could have happened to anyone; two strikes launch more or less simultaneously, the one that gets there first wins. It was probably almost a coincidence that the exchange happened to work out really well for Petruzelli; of course, if Kimbo had any kicks in his arsenal or was used to watching for them, he might not have gotten his punch jammed up or even tried to throw one from so far out. It looked kinda like he thought Petruzelli was going to put his knee back down, like it was a feint. A phenomenon my jiu jitsu teacher used to call "head hunting" . Not something you can count on if your opponent has any training whatsoever, of course. If you look at his hands, though, he was not protecting himself (aka "turtling up") whatsoever. That's more or less an instant TKO in MMA; reason being, you can get stunned without actually being unconscious, and after a few seconds walk around looking to the audience like you're just fine, but for those first few seconds especially you might as well be a zombie punching bag. If that was the case, if they had kept going the only thing that would have happened differently is that Kimbo would be even bloodier. My guess is that the ref was holding on to him and talking to him at the end there because he was still dazed (plus they said something about Kimbo trying to shoot at the ref to take him down -- HE THOUGHT HE WAS STILL IN THE FIGHT!) The ref gave him a couple of seconds to start protecting his head, but he probably called it when he saw blood over the eye and no turtling up. Looked like a good regulation call to me, but I could be wrong. Very cool, I hadn't actually seen the fight yet! Poor little Kimbo ... the plus side is that he probably made more money in ten seconds than most of us make in a month.
  11. Hershey's pure cacoa powder, is this raw?

    I'm 90% sure regular Hershey's cocoa powder is not raw.
  12. Flashy don't cut it

    I'm pretty sure it's capoeira. That dude is redonkulous! The control is amazing. Pretty sure you're right about that first clip being from Never Back Down though.
  13. Sleep Paralysis or Demonic Possession?

    I'm not convinced there's much difference, actually.
  14. Sleep Paralysis or Demonic Possession?

    I have experienced both sleep paralysis and what I consider to be one experience of demon possession. The sleep paralysis was connected to a phenomenon called "false awakening"; basically, I would dream that I woke up, go about my business, realize that I was still dreaming (a few times because I happened to glance at the bed and notice my sleeping body there), and have to wake up all over again -- very disorienting. Sometimes I would end up in an in between state where I could feel my body but was completely immobilized, while my mind was more or less awake and my eyes were either open or dreaming the room (both have happened); this was described to me as sleep paralysis. I never felt a "presence", and I always snapped out of it eventually, a little startled, but no other problems; as you said, no sweating, no panic, no chills, and I didn't see anything unusual. This was all before I heard about astral travel, of course . My experience with demon possession was years later, and quite different. I was taking a shower right after waking up, and as I stood there I half dozed off...out of nowhere, I began to see flashes of an alligator crawling towards me, accompanied by threatening bursts of oboe music ( ). I examined the threatening aspect of the vision to see why it bothered me. Suddenly, this became images of a naked, adult male figure falling repeatedly backwards into a pond, in which I was floating halfway between the bottom and the surface. I was interested, but otherwise unaffected at this point; it occasionally happens that I have "visions" of some human figure (sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes a child ) doing some odd thing or other, and I assumed that the figure was my Other (unconscious shadow, more or less) as it often was. This time its body was built like a Greek god, its hair was chin length and shaggy and dark, and its face was vacant. As I paid more attention to it, it turned to look at me. When our eyes met, it occurred to me that the "water" was associated with my consciousness, and that by falling into it and catching my attention it had gained the ability to remain there for the moment. As we looked each other in the eye, I could feel us beginning to meld together... At this point I knew something was amiss. It did not feel right. It felt foreign, malicious, empty, possessive...I don't know how to really describe it but it was not what I expected. I was still standing with my eyes open, and I could move if I made an effort, but I had the distinct feeling of something sharing my body, like I had to overcome the volition of the foreign entity in order to move. It did not have complete control, but I could feel it pushing. Suddenly a voice in my head reminded me that no matter what energy was intruding, that my consciousness should be the "flagship", that if this energy was here I should find what was useful to me and make it mine, dispelling the rest (this is close to something I had been thinking about lately) and try be done with it. Summoning all of my strength, I probed with my awareness, and found a bubbling, flowing, pushing energy that seemed to have the power to travel and change things in surges and flows, subtly and by degrees, into something completely different. I realized that's what the demon was trying to do to me. When I found the entity's power, it seemed to come under control. I immediately reasserted myself and shook off the bad energy, retaining the memory and just a tiny bit of the entity's power. I felt drained, a little cold (even in the hot shower), and fragile, and I was shaking a little, but I was myself again and I had a new confidence. The flashes of the alligator came back, crawling away from me in reverse this time, no music, and faded away. It never came back. Thinking back on it later, I became convinced I was visited by a water demon. Scary stuff! What are your thoughts?
  15. masters getting high

    For what it's worth: I can state pretty confidently that I would not be here today, either on this forum or even alive, if it were not for pot and LSD, and to a lesser extent mushrooms, mescaline, and many other "drugs". They gave me a reason to believe in something larger than my inherited view of reality. Really I should say they forced me . LSD is generally not "fun" for me -- it doesn't make me feel "good" more than about half of the time. I do it (about once a year) because it takes me to a place where there are no longer any excuses, and NO HIDING. It is...tremendous...like a depth charge in my subconscious and a thunderclap in my brain that last for God knows how long, taking me places I never imagined existed . It is intensity itself, and it is not for everyone. Many things vanish when the chemical is gone, but many remain, and some return in a flash (read flashback , which is just conditional memory IMHO) when the moment is right. Some things are understood immediately, some much later, and some things are simply not meant to be understood. ROFL By the way the guy on the right is eyeballing it, either he's about to smoke it or he already has the munchies