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Dragon Gate Taoism

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Please give me YOUR definition of "regular taoism" and I can tell you the differences :-)

BUT I think there is no "regular taoism": or what's the difference between a regular car and a Mazda?

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Dragon Gate is a sub lineage of the Taoism School of Chuen Jan.


If you want to look the history of that, you can go to other taoism web to search

and you will find out the person who found the lineage of Chuen Jan. He do not

emphasize in the practise of writting charms (fu) and doing much ceremonies. Also,

they promote people to live in the temple with another form of living, in chinese

they call this "Chut Ga" which means to be out of your own family.


Dragon Gate is found later on by a student of Chuen Jan's School. They now mostly

focus on doing rituals and study of life and nature. Their practise mainly focus on

how to train your life to cope with nature, but that is just like how most Taoist do.

On the other side, they do not emphasize on the skills on using the universal energy

that taoism is specialized in by using charms (fu) and other form of practise. They

usually try to get this energy by chantings and rituals.


The China's government is now promoting only 2 school lineage of Taoism which are

the Chuen Jan and the Jing Yat which is two very different Taoism branch. Bot of

course, there are many more very powerful Taoism lineage now except for the two.

Just like Maau Shan in China, is a very powerful lineage, but the China's government

do not promote it, so it is not as famous.






What is the science of dragon gate taoism?


and how does it differ from regular taoism?

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