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Hello, Lobby.

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Hi Tao Bums,


I'm Boney.


I live in L.A. and have been exposed to some Taoist thought through a few books.

My knowledge and experience are shallow. I've pretty much just read the Tao Of Pooh and Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life, so that should explain how much of a newbie I am.

I'm open to most ideas, but am somewhat cynical at heart when it comes to the truly mystical, but I never want to be a dick about it.

I do not possess an arsenal of terminology, or much experience with many of the practices and schools of thought mentioned in the intro on the front page of TheTaoBums so please go slowly if you want to discuss what you're into.


In discussion of spiritual ideas, I promise I'll hear everyone out and never pretend I understand things that I don't. I have no Taoist friends so this board could be my chance to learn how real people put these ideas into practice.


More than anything I'm seeking to simplify my life and thoughts and basically look inward to become less of a mystery to myself.


I'm also into indie Hip Hop music, PS3 and not driving a car :)



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