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Anytime...for as Long as You Want by Charles Runels

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Remember the golden rule:


If it sounds too good to be true then it's not.



Next, Dr. Runels covers the sex hormones and how to know if your doctor's done an adequate job of measuring yours. Then he explores the prescription drugs (like Viagra, Livitra, and Cialis) and how to get the most result with the least trouble and cost. Next, you get a list of libido killers and a discussion of synergy and sex.


Yes, of course with the aid of those you will:


Part 3 tells how to ride the wave of sexual desire for as long as you want by having sex and maintaining an erection for as long as you want.


What a trickster! We all know that pornstars all use Viagra/Cialis. :lol:


How come the book doesn't mention Rasputin? :blink:



I see it was published in 2004. Interesting he mentions the word Tao, now that it is a trendy word in the western world.



My 1j801e.jpg rating: 2/10



Good luck anyway, I wish I could give you some hints in this area but it's not my expertise, sorry.

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