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River Gazer

A hundred years in a generation...

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I've got Iron Maiden's Brave New World album playing for this. It was the first real CD I ever owned, and still do... hehe, I need more music.


I spent my whole damn life trying to find the answers, though it was only a few years ago it became the name of the way itself... before, just contemplations belonging to at least one of double my age.

There was a picture I seen, literally writing on the wall... QUESTION EVERYTHING... somewhere in a subway station.

Damn. Would've preferred it when i was, like, eight or ten, but fine still during the age of gold.


A long path down many roads.


Now, after fifteen or so year, eight or ten highly active in this way, i am left with a theory and the mind to back it up.

Is the problem on this earth that we have too much, or too little? Taoism, i feel, speaks 'sensibility is rough times', not 'we shouldn't all be prosperous and relaxed' (the second in the context of if EVERYONE was.


Ideas on ideas, not one straying from human interest, but human interest being all things.


"seeking desirelessness, you see the mystery

seeking desirables, you see the ten-thousand things

neither should be applied in absolute."


Ways to make a thousand gallons of of crop-grade water a day from sludge, or a hundred of drinkable...

or a $300 machine pistol that fires twenty rounds per second, or a $2000 sub-machine gun that will be nicknamed the fifth horseman by its fans and fearfuls, depending on it's model quality.


But, I'm still pondering questions. I'm sure that if we eventually have enough for cheap we will be content... though I'd still like to see this world depopulating... two kid families are hard to take care of, and this world has enough depressed drones. Anyone who doesn't wish they were never born doesn't live in this world. They're either a bushman or an inventor.


Designing isn't my problem. My common sense is always tingling (invention is just when a person DOESN'T lack common sense, and such is a goddamn superpower). How am I going to get all these ideas out there?


The trick, for instance, to the super-distiller is simply use a more vigorous boil, more distiller lines, and an cooling system that works on source water (cant be as thick as mud, but nearly as thick is fine)

It's a large scale of heat just to bring water to boiling, so why not make it boil harder. Put ten, or a hundred times the boiling power in there, and create fucktons of water. If anyone wants to steal this, that's fine. It's beneficial to people.


I'm not going into the gun though. I don't want THAT idea stolen.


What do you all think on my theory of contentment is ease of access? Or will the world just bastardize itself from there?

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I guess one example on the firearm is fine.

A round bar is one of the weakest shapes applied in a one-directional force.

Simple looking at the stress points of a springs cross-section will reveal everything.

Reworking a design as such will render a spring theoretically four times stronger or faster.

Even a square-wire spring would be doubly as strong.


A spring is part of a gun. It drives the bolt into the round to set it off. If it moves faster, the round cycle is faster.


Just an example.



Now, I want to help everything. Most of all, I want input on the theory of 'contentment in ease of access'.


I dunno. Designing is remarkable easy if you apply a very vivid kind of common sense, although they'll still never listen to you.


Maybe I'll have to take over the world :D:lol:

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eh, the world has enough guns. Work on the water


one's a legacy of blood,

the other's a legacy of life.







P.S. besides if you need to shoot 20 things in a second, you'd best be running-quickly :)



P.P.S. I'm glad I was born : B)

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