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  1. I feel like I'm being targetted

    Well, you got a freind in me and we are alot alike. You babble about problems, on here or by a personal message, ill try to help. I walked the mile. I walked alone.
  2. Golden ratio on nanosclae

    ive seen that before... and it makes me want to puke... That is the most disgusting vegetable i could imagine. Looks like a mining bit, but oddly, that increases the edibility slightly... probly cuz im insane
  3. Golden ratio on nanosclae

    This stuff is making my brain bleed. I mean, when you guys read this, do you, like, actually know what they're saying, or... I mean, i know how to... blend niobium into steel alloys on a casual level. This stuff 'mushy mah braenz'. Also, i have a theory that atoms rarely actually touch eachother, they are just repulsed from eachother when the shell electrons push it away from eachother. Might explain why we never lose heat slowly, by (irony acknowledged) atomic friction.
  4. I feel like I'm being targetted

    UrbanDictionary.com says: 1. internet suicide When someone in a forum, newsgroup, etc. says they are leaving (sometimes "and never coming back"), but actually wants to see how people react to their leaving. Usually as the result of drama joejoe monkey: I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving the forum. I'm tired of being harassed and the mods won't do anything about it. kikiquan: Internet suicide. He logged on under a different name with the same ISP fake death internet drama angst crap mtv generation 2. Internet Suicide The act of intentionally getting yourself banned from a website or forum. Man, you can't go around posting the f-word everywhere, that's internet suicide!
  5. The Tao is Super-Commonsense

    There wasn't a population large enough to sustain disease. It's why there was not disease amongst native americans. The worst that happened on any notable occurrence is a bird carries the cold over the ocean, and a tribe or two gets the sniffles.
  6. Is Taoist Knowledge a "Given" ?

    SethTheWhite speaks the truth. We see too much factually. We need to relax our minds, and most of all remove ourselves from the idea that scientific facts will be our salvation. There is a balance, and we are not walking it.
  7. The Tao is Super-Commonsense

    Thank you New Dawn Fades. Nice to see some other primals in here. Disease? None. Colds. Crabs... Bout it. The only time people get sick is when they do stupid shait such as fecating in their water supply. And i can speak for the stone-age way. Maybe it's a family trait, but i do things like eat whole 8 oz bottles of horseradish, and drink the blood left over from roasts. I don't get colds, the flu happens every 5 or 10 years and passes in 12 to 36 hours. I wouldn't be surprised if I could survive the black plague. Not that i do it on a regular basis, but all that medium-rare pork or chicken means in a stomach ache that can usually be killed with enough coffee. The simply truth is in the stone-age we were new to human ways. Instincts related to this form were undeveloped, so we occasionally did stupid shit, combined with the insanity of being to smart for our own good. If you include deaths during infancy (the weak days) we had a lifespan of 35. If you disclude deaths before 3 or 4 years, we lived to 55 - 60. Since human instincts have had time, despite specifically Europe (cholera lol) (effin' white people eh?), to develop, would you eat your own shait or fecate in your water supply? Not likely. If there is any chance, well, better just go back to the bronze or iron age. Better just to ask how long YOU'D live. Me personally, I'd say 10-15% chance of infant death, otherwise age 65. Medication for the most part was herbs, which are more effective that they would seem to be, but a bit less than neo-hippies make them out to be. Besides, nothing clears up a cold like a big cup of broth. I'll take the violent-ass society if it means i don't have to work.
  8. I feel like I'm being targetted

    GB2/b/ Biff Since biff is gone, might as well get rid of this
  9. I feel like I'm being targetted

    One word for all that Non. Yo. I'm personally getting fairly adept at the easier magics, though I've yet to affect matter in a way that can be proven. I can do things like use runes to get simple answers, or over the course of a half an hour or so divine just about anything i want by raw mind. Depth of mind is the gateway to all. If you want to know if your paranoia is justified, ask if your paranoia is justified. Just keep in mind that it aint an easy question. Thinkin' aint so bad a life.
  10. I feel like I'm being targetted

    Yo, I get what your saying Non. The world is at least weird that way. If you look even a bit weird, your dangerous. If you talk about anything but your shait work day, you're insane. No offense to any onlookers, but people are shallow and stupid. The average value of a normal persons daily thoughts is in between a ring of caps to fresh spit. If you've had even one revelation in your life, you are, by depth of mind, a hundred times more valuable than the average person. People aren't even stupid in truth... They're smart enough technically, but they are beyond shallow. Some people have never spent a days worth of free-range pondering in their life. Call this a unique opinion. Maybe its of value, maybe it'll just make you feel better about yourself. Whatev'. No loss to me
  11. The Tao is Super-Commonsense

    I simply know the lessons of Icarus from patient pondering, and from lessons learn well early in my life, not often repeated. Great Towers. The Lowlands. I have made a choice, and well, and I advise. Much more conversation will have to take play to go into details why.
  12. "there is such a self"

    twas a response to what you said blasto... Didn't mean it like that
  13. The Tao is Super-Commonsense

    I'll tell ya, prehistory aint as bad as it's made out. Furs are warm, game was plentiful, there was room to live by the sea, wild food grew everywhere, and tail was easy. Moreover, research indicates that a stoneage 'work-day' was about 3 hours. If that. I am not a fortunate son, and I abhor that I am not allowed to live this ancient way.
  14. "there is such a self"

    a thought for you blasto: The degeneration of any religion or philosophy from value to fanaticism lies when the individual no longer recognizes a possibility to falsity, and falls into absolutes. Not as much Buddhists, and definitely not the Taoists I've seen, but most people get struck by consuming fear just by the idea that their religion/philosophy is not true