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Yes, for most of my life I have been called a bum, by family , and most other people who didn't truly know me.

It wasn't until many years ago someone gave me Tao of Pooh, then someone else quoted "a journey of a thousand miles" after that I began with the I Ching, and daily for quite awhile I worked with that. Then I had a heart attack in 1993 and while laid up I joined a forum on the computer, by this time I had read and read,Lao ,Chuang, and The watercourse way many times. Still through out the years on the forum I kept eqating everything through Jesus, I just couldn't let him go, the bible had off and on for many years been my source of delusional conceptions(of course I didn't realize it at the time) It wasn't until a couple of years ago I decided to investigate where the bible came from that I could finally allow the delusions to slip away. I don't consider myself a daoist or any other ist, although the philosophy of Daoism has brought me to acceptence of Nature as my only trustworthy teacher.

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