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Chi gung, N.L.P & hypnosis

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I just wanted to broach the topic. And a few other ideas.


Taoism kind of found me after a stint with native amercian shamanism, and developed quite naturally into a freeform practice which synthesised ideas some core from chaos magick.

Chaos magick, and its paradigm surfing opened up a hundred other doorways including Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis to mention a couple.

I am now returning to a daily practice of breath, visualisation and concentration which pretty much sums up ''magick' for me. It is also in essence where I feel chi-gungs efficacy lies.

2 things that have been very helpful in expanding the results from my various practices are NLP and hypnosis. With the 'subconscious mind model' (or 3 levels-super, sub, conscious) I have been able to do a bunch of funky stuff.

-Samadhi can be recalled and deeply experienced in seconds, rather than hours.

-Others can be 'drawn' into altered states through a better ability to control my own.

-Stagnant ideas, and outdated cognizance can be dealt with specifically (aswell as its energetic counterpart) eg. if the world is made of language, these skills helps you directly alter your experience of it)




So.. its as if, a person can just come to recognise powerful language patterns that strengthen their practice..

And, I cant be sure whether you or someone you know may find themselves learning unconsciously.. or even automatically, retaining the syntax that can footwedge your most divine experiences right open.. but what I can be sure of is that regardless of how naturally an integration of mind and body occurs while your thinking whatever thoughts you think, some people notice how beautiful it is to trust in the Dao. Or not. Now:)



Sometimes.. when a person finds themselves interested in a new idea.. Those ideas can begin to take hold. And, I cant be sure whether you've stood like a tree, or ever heard anything about it.. and regardless of how naturally a seed finds its place in nature, surely there is a season for all things?

Now, even if this hasn't started to build a ravenous curiosity (even just slowly at first).. can't we easily agree that the fruit may often come long after the seed is planted?



Whether its easier or sooner, how good does it feel to trust the process of 72,000 nadis opening all at once.. only as naturally, and safely as it is right for you to do so? Because, its like my friend John was saying, "when you have already begun to walk the path.. and knowing how good your practice can allow you to feel.. what would convince you to jump aboard that motorcycle instead or crawling uphill? Vroooom!

Now, when one implies direction+ empirical structure to the order of their words.. and combine a few fluro, whirling tingles.. in one place or another.. the applications for integrating powerful language skill, with total lack of language.. is like being able to eat the cake and the icing. Mmm.. yum:)


With me, anyway.

Yeah. Its a bit of this kind of jazz, that has let me 'anchor' some mountain top experiences and recall and re-experience them quite regularly and easily. Im getting pretty damn good at it. If you think that this may be useful for you, id be happy to do/share more of this kind of stuff with anyone who wanted to unify their 'parts' and make changes more readily. Engineering new feelings, and new habits is another application. I have about 10 years experience with the energy model, and 4 years of advanced hypnotherapy (mind model). To apply the 'spirit model' with these also, makes for some pretty easy and effective practice.


Im happy to practice more and more, and share wherever it is welcome.


Your thoughts and questions are appreciated..

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Tell more about alchemical hypnosis. Any websites where you can get more in depth info or downloads?





do it, improve it.


by the way, ever heard of alchemical hypnosis? it may be a good addition.

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