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  1. A different type of Meditation cd

    I have both "Ocean Euphoric" and "Nurturance" and I had really intense meditation experiences with both CDs. I would highly recommend them. Much love to all!
  2. Kunlun Book 1 levels 1

    Thank you all for your insight on practicing K1 with music. I usually do it without music out in the nature where you can hear the birds, the wind, smell the air, etc. But yesterday I tried it with music (Kip Mazuy - "Nurturance") and really liked it.
  3. Kunlun Book 1 levels 1

    Does anybody practice Kunlun Level one listening to music (meditation music)? Thx.
  4. Kunlun Level One

    I just started practicing Kunlun Level One two days ago and I would like some feedback from those of you who have been practicing KL for a while. Can you share some of the first experiences, sensations, feelings, spontaneous movements? Did you feel the energy the first time you did the practice? How did it evolve in time? I felt heat along the spine and in the entire body. I felt the Kundalini rising as it normally does in my meditation practice. I felt a deep sense of peace and serenity. Feel free to PM me if you don't want your experiences posted. Thank you all.
  5. First Yin Yoga Class

    rain, if you go to Thailand again, I highly recommend you check out Agama Yoga school ( I know Swami Vivekananda Saraswati very well. He is truly an amazing being and teacher.
  6. Healing from Bulimia

    Has anybody here worked with patients or students who suffered from Bulimia? Any insights or ideas are greatly appreciated.
  7. Chi gung, N.L.P & hypnosis

    Tell more about alchemical hypnosis. Any websites where you can get more in depth info or downloads? Thx.
  8. Kunlun Questions Thread

    Can anyone please describe the Kunlun 1 posture? Is it done sitting on a chair? Is there any picture or video of the Kunlun posture? Thanks a lot.
  9. For those of you still chasing "abilities"

    This is exactly my vision on the great "LIBERATION". Too much chasing around for special abbilities, too much energy and time wasted on the side of the ROAD. At least this is what I believe. Perhaps there is a person who doesn't measure his/her in abilities mile-markers, but instead puts their heart and soul into every action they do. Observing the resonance in their being. I think we fool ourselves thinking that we are in control of our path to liberation if we gain more abilities. A moment of deep silence - and I mean like the silence of the universe - could reveal what we all ARE. Great writing Hundun!
  10. up coming event

    There is a fairly simple answer, I think - because Verdesi is making money off of the people who don't know how to get to the Master Liping himself without going through a 3rd person. It is sad that things like these happen on a spiritual path and that people are taken advantage of in this manner.
  11. eating for qi

    Hagar, why is sparkling water better? What kind of sparkling water? Natural mineral sparkling? Or any kind of sparkling water from the store? Thanks.
  12. is reserving jing even necessary?

    How about the spiritual evolution of women? How do you think an active sex life affects that? How do you think having a child would affect the spiritual evolution of a woman?
  13. Master Luo Tsu Bangkok

    Does anybody know Master Luo Tsu from Bangkok, Thailand? Do you know how to reach him? Address, phone number? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. up coming event

    Ken, I am interested in your seminar with Shen Laoshi. Where is it going to be? Can you give me some dates? Cost information? Thanks a lot.
  15. Qigong DVD

    Thank you all for your help. I am a yoga teacher and a practicioner for 16 years. My best friend started Qigong about 6 years ago in Europe and she absolutely loves it. She met a few of the Masters including Wang Liping and was so impressed with the practice. I live in US - Los Angeles and have been trying to find a good authentic Qigong teacher but I have no idea where to start from. It seems that here Tai Chi is more popular and the spiritual part of Qigong not quite so ... or at least I don't know any teacher. So, I thought perhaps I can start by practicing from a good DVD until I find a teacher. If anybody knows of any teachers in Los Angeles, San Bernardino area please let me know. Thanks again to all.