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  1. "Holigral"

    Australia might be more fun ; ) There's a couple of us here trained to facilitate at varying levels and varying price plans. p.s Holigral is as 'big league' as it gets. It's also rather understated. Humility and all that
  2. Holigral

    Ah, im a bit late to the thread.. How'd u go Neo? I'm trained to facilitate Holigral. It is everything and more, that the claims claim
  3. We can smile to the mountains.. sun or moon, we call upon different aspects of universal energy and mix and join them all up in meditation.. and it makes me wonder? What about electricity? What about the energy expelled from fossil fuel consumption? Ther are so many kinds of energy.. and we certainly are adapting to make space for technology in our lives.. 'energy' sources.. clean energy.. so much talk about energy. Our planet has certain predominant expressions of energetic development. Wouldn't u say? I mean, take a look at it. The flowerhead of this organism which is the developing world. Where does its energy bloom? Are we missing out, on using highly refined digital, alchemically enhanced computer monitor energy? Co2 energy? Telegraph pole energy? How about the chi that highways direct? Or the majikal energy that reverberates in random vortexes at a busy supermarket line. In a waiting room thats too small. Or the special chaos fountain that is the midnight underpass on a full moon? Im just wondering how many others may think it of benefit to learn to work with the modern consequences of our world systems.. to make the most of the concrete radiance that is our deep minds horror and evolve meditation and mind into fare more immediate and spontaneous expression of mastery. Of the relevant requirement..
  4. superman neikung

    How do you move your tantien?
  5. superman neikung

    May we all start paradigm rebuilding overhaul after adopting said possibility.. Its like rolling a tyre for long enough. You might eventually find its own unique balance and if you push then, a little bit of imagination could have you riding it. but before you flash like lightning, or become the wind lifting eagles wings you still had to start the tyre rolling. Haha. Meditation and practice is just the playing/practicing real life, yeah? I dunno, sounds good though!
  6. Does anyone have taosit inductions in text?

    Anyone? C'mon, I'll turn your daily practice into a hypnotically guided multimedia superstorm! . .. ....
  7. superman neikung

    Tapping into fictional characters can sometimes be even more of a benefit than praying or attuning to real historical, or current spiritual figures. We all have our own imprints, and inner sometimes unconscious ideologies and pop culture does constitute a large portion of what influences the new worlds belief systems. Media, hollywood stories etc. Trust me, there s simply no escaping the cartoons you grew up with.. At present, i'm building my own pantheon. BigJonMud is actually a superhero like character that i've been developing who can and does inadvertantly supply me with a richer, personal representation of spirituality and daoist practice. Since working on more thoroughly 'externalising' my avatar, he presents me with intuitons, energy and I now have even an entire system that my own fiction/unconscious narrative is allowing. This BJM dude, is revealing stage by stage.. my own deep minds adaptations to a variety of energy practices, not theleast of which does include a kind of photosynthetic chi-gung Just thought i'd share that Does anyone else meld a little chaos into their mix?
  8. If its a dark, deep quiet night I like my big ass buddha beads from the shaolin temple. I use them to count out cycles as I square breathe. There's a very big peace that comes with only needing one breatj every 2 minutes (or even less than that). A very big peace. I'll often listen to hypnosis inductions before bed. On a warm summers night, any chigung outdoors will suffice. But its very nice to do with a dying sun, then remain in seated mediation afterward. I also like long runs in the rain at night. And if your lucky enough to have trampoline in your backyard, a little star gazing always does the trick to expand the frame
  9. Does anyone have copy of any of Mantaks (or anyone elses) teachings in text format? That is, his spoken stuff.. in written format? There's just not enough intelligently, hypnotically and thoughtfully delivered teachings. Im gonna put together some meditative inductions, using cutting edge language, music and brainwave entrainment- but I need some written scripts to start with. Its far too hard to take dictation from Master Chia :S Thanks
  10. Thanks everyone, I found all the different perspectives and ways of communicating them very helpful and very refreshing. Many thanks
  11. Thanks, ok so the 'state' that I experience, maybe more like an unravelling of all other states. Its the centered, here and nowness that encompasses everything in this moment.. In this sense, it arises from piercing the veil of mind and just is. and how to keep that 'no state' permanent? The just is-ness? How to know and be this always.. while in the body, and still sit and live amidst everything else that isn't? It seems like it has something to do with remaining there, impermeable to others and their life process. I've done my own tricky work.. but sitting for 10 hours with another going through their own.. it can knock me for 6. Its like an alcoholic going for a leisurely swim down the river of beer. I still appears that I need a better wetsuit..
  12. Yes.. kind of.. indescribable.. unspeakable.. But hardly UNKNOWABLE. So, Scotty being at one with the Dao, isnt the aim? I didnt think so. Im tasting what seems so close- but the limit seems to be the world around me- the nature of things as they are, would seem to announce that enlightenment isnt not only not attainale (lol) but that it doesnt really exist as we've thought it to. and while I can't yet fully de-materialise.. for some strange reason.. () I wonder how best to navigate these borderlands between the 2, in a way that enables me to consistently serve the grid with full knowing, and total health.. WITHOUT the other shitty stuff. Its a bit of a paradox im stuck with. Being susceptible to the all.. and at one with things as they are, would afford me the consciousness required to heal (even by virtue of my presence) but still not afford me the right to maintain that state. So i can drop the dualities- but when they need picking back up again, im fucked! How can I be completely at one.. continue to cultivate, in some semblance of separateness (which gives way to all, and nothing anyhow) and still serve completely in this dimension?
  13. Hi guys, I'm still at odds with the idea of Psychic self defense. At 16 yr old I was 'banishing' of a sort, everyday.. and over the years, I fear it actually re-inforced ideas of separateness, and presupposed some kind need to be separate.. or even that I was better than others, or my energy more important or 'higher' or something. Ultimately, as we all appear to be parts of a larger whole- it seems unnecessary to me to defend myself, from myself. Yet, I still perceive a reality that works so much more easily in my favour (regarding health, vitality and overall capability) when im performing some regular banishing, or middle pillar.. or inner smile.. or Golden bubble or whatever. Maybe someone could throw me a suggestion.. I'm spending many, many hours each day in 'Samadhi'.. in some particular 'no mind' that is peculiar to a certain form of life coaching iv been trained in. It requires sometimes many hours of remaining completely empty.. and as the 'feedback loop' for the other.. I simply ask the right questions at the right times.. and I exist (in some way) as the conduit, or reflection to the delegate revealing their very own 'truth'. So, even as im helping others to navigate the very particular structure of mind that they have here-to-now formed.. and we all see how arbitrary and 'not-self' most of a person problem conditions actually are (eg. illness and emotions are usually traced back to early childhood when someone 'projected' that shit into us) i'm still seeming to suffer some side effects of depleted energy.. or 'taking on' others symptoms.. and the funny thing, is that this all seems to be part of the trip. That, the subtlety of the facilitation usually has everyone (with open eyes and minds) to 'see' the literal truth of our interconnectness.. of causes and conditions stretching back from now until forever into the only moment moment that ever existed.. but still I exit these interactions feeling down, depressed or less than I was. I suppose im right inbetween knowing that psy selfdefense is not necessary, but that it is also the only sensible thing to do. Time and again, im using this technology for myself, and what emerges for me is stuff to do with trees.. how they stand.. extend.. give selflessly.. Yet something is not quite clicking. To paraphrase- summarise: Im gettting the one-ness. I deeply understand the interconnectedness of all things, and am able to heal myself from notself very easily.. and then it all just becomes oneself. Is this known as God-realization? Enlightenment? But, then if I dont choose my own brand of separateness- maintaining the one-ness consciousness seems impossible- cos im at the whims of the muggle minds around me. I still relate to friends family and associates, and all their thoughts and energies- and even as they are ultimately 'me', they still keep me from me. Or at least, from continuing my healthiest, most vital and ever present mind in body Does this ring a bell for anyone else? Any advice or opinions on this? many thanks BJM
  14. Microcosmic Orbit method

    I'll thank you all in advance, for allowing me to contribute a post that makes me feel like i know even a tiny bit.. I dunno, selflessness free from ego is still in fashion isnt it The microcosmic orbit can be opened in as little time as it takes to think 'open orbit'. I came to daoism through Chaos majik. Nothing is true. Anything is permitted. This to me, explains the smile on the masters face. The scaffolding becomes arbitrary to the finished building. That castle, your temple. All just thoughts. The system is the fastest iv found.. until recently.. but it is still very slow for the aspirant who has progressed upon paralell paths. 1 good week of practice, that is no less than 2 hours per day for a week- even drunk, or bent or inebriated through other means is all it took me to achieve a more or less permanently grounded, mystical awareness of my entire universe and everything in it. Siddhis and all that stuff. (Edit: for a while, only as long as that practice continued) --- Anyhow, i'l agree that piece of writing is some of the best iv come across. It's still not as half as good, as Richard Bandlers hypotc induction 'spiritual housekeeping' which will 'enligthen' you in about 20 minutes flat.. but then again, to each their own- and who am I to rock up espousing infinite potential and possibility. Let the stinky stench of long-gone dogma simply waft away. Age of info and all that.. some thing else is surely possible now. What do YOU think?
  15. Going Theravadin Taoist-style!

    wow, thanks for all this info drewhempel ! I've stayed in a couple of monasteries, and it sometimes hurts to see how dogmatic a monks practice and understanding can become. How limited to their own understanding of the words can be. Then there are other, who understands these words again differently. Whatever works!