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It seems I may have stumbled upon an interesting message board. By fate or by chance, I came across this thread while googling- http://www.thetaobums.com/Things-We-Dont-K...stem-t5664.html


^That was enough to get me to sign up for sure.


My name is Steve and I'm looking to converse with other like minded people. Unfortunately, I don't often come across anyone who I truly relate to past a certain level. Still, I have high hopes for this place :P



My Story-


As a child, I found many things about my body to be 'off'. I did not yet recognize the importance of such findings, but to explain it simply, my birth inheritance is a horrible twisted uneven body with extremely poor qi flow. This terrible condition, yet unrecognized by western doctors, manifested many several 'symptoms' such as inability to concentrate without my thoughts 'resetting', an inability to stand on both feet evenly, and twitching (also known as 'ticks') on the right side of my body. Never had any doctor assimilated all those symptoms and more into a single condition of which I recognize as my genetic blueprint.


My inability to deal with such issues lead me to momentary escapes like drugs when I was in high school. Around the age of 18, I began to grow a fighting spirit within and started turning my life around. For me, running, and more specifically, lifting weights, was the main focal point of change for me. After 5 years of lifting like my life depended on it, I still couldn't get past the oddities of my body, (and brain) and found progress to be impossible due to the fact that my body rejected training stimulation, and my structure could not deliver power evenly and safely no matter how I tried to maintain standards of western exercise form. At least by this point I had quit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.


It was also around this time, after 5 years of lifting, that I got really into Dragon Ball Z. (yes, I know, red flag in the qigong world, but please read on :P ) In my great desire to become a 'Super Saiyan' while lifting, I had to ask myself- "What is the real world equivalent to the power seen in Dragon Ball Z?" I remembered reading about taijijuan when I was younger from a book my Uncle borrowed me. I researched 'Chi" online and started looking at qigong books. Like a miracle, or a Trueman Show like phenomenon ;) , my uncle gave me the book 'Iron Shirt Chi Kung I' by Mantak Chia. He had not read it himself, but figured I might be interested. (I didn't tell him I was researching it either)


After reading much of the introduction, about such things as pumping the blood with the stomach, packing chi, and whatnot... I decided then and there- I was going to study this book for 3 years and 'master' it. So that's what I did, not knowing the golden rules about finding a teacher, I persisted. During this time, I read 'Awaken the Healing Light' and 'Taoist Secrets of Love:', but didn't get much out of them because of my difficulty grasping the eastern concepts. Iron Shirt 1, however, really opened a whole other world for me. I was able to replace the word 'chi' with words like 'pressure psi' and 'ground reaction force' to continue training, and leave the 'chi' stuff on the back burner until I understood more. By the time I had been practicing through trial and error and careful study for 2 years, I started reading a few other books, like those from Dr. Yang Ming Jwing. Also, I began working on 'Fusion of the Five Elements 1'. During these times, I practiced sometimes 8 hours a day, until I quit my job, attempted to become a 'hermit' or 'monk' and gave up many worldly ways and things in hopes to cure my condition. There's nothing like being born as the example of what can go wrong in qigong to make you learn qigong. Not kidding or exaggerating.


By the end of the three years, I started focusing my studies on the eye, the third eye, insight, genetics, and the brain, in hopes to gain rapid learning so that I could relieve my suffering. I began studying Rayid, Iridology, and am now studying Sclerology as a side study. I also started writing my own qigong/internal alchemy formulas for developing overlapping visual and visualization skills, and spiritual vision and insight skills. These practices seemed to give results, however I wont go into them too much, but ultimately they also needed to be conjoined with my original needs, and thus I found it necessary to create alchemic formulas for aligning iris structures with the brain and body in order to fine tune corrections to the body and qi flow.


I studied Iron Shirt 2 for about a year, but had a little trouble with that one for a while, but I'm really starting to benefit from that training now. I've taken much from those books and formulated my own technique and methodology that has been necessary to deal with my condition. I've come to discover truths about the body that most qigong practitioners are never forced to deal with, so in that respect, I feel as if I'm an authority on the topic (who isn't an authority of their own life experience after all?), however, I'm also a learner still. I'm now at a point in my personal training where I feel as if Iron Shirt 3 is needed, but further insight into the basic practices is also needed. I've looked for a teacher on more than one occasion, but none impress me very much as Mantak Chia, and I just don't have the money to visit him at his resort.


Even now, my own qigong/neigong is entirely different than any qigong/neigong that exists (that I'm aware of). I feel like I'm really on to something unique and capable of changing the world of qigong/internal alchemy, but I also am only about 5 years into my personal training. At this point, I'm still convinced that solo learning is the only possible option for me, as I have not found a teacher that addresses my needs, though they are all good at teaching normal people.


No doctor nor teacher has ever 'got it', but I'm posting here because many of you have practiced similar things as I have, and who knows.... maybe I'll find some one like me, or someone who DOES know how to deal with the problems I'm facing. Still, I currently consider myself the world's authority on how to temporarily transform my body into more advanced states from my starting point.


Sorry for the long story, but whoever didn't want to read it probably skipped it anyway. I'm open to answer any questions, there's a lot of things I didn't explain very in depth.



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Cool story. It seems like a lot of the masters of healing disciplines are generally the ones who start out the worst...BKS Iyengar is a good example.


I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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