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Cloud Tiger

Hi. Wonderful to be here.

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Dear All,


Hello! Greetings. It's great to be here. I'm mean that sincerely. It's an honour and a pleasure. :D

My name is Daniel and I have been lurking when I could for some time. Now I exit my cave a little to engage with the more worthy and useful members of the human race. That's you, folks!


I am sadly dysfunctional character* aiming for better things. Dilettantish in knowledge [i like to focus on the important bits] and practice my data addiction has borne some good fruit e.g. nutrition knowledge, finding this forum and starting taijiquan and qigong [Yang Cheng Fu on and off for a couple of years, now I have Spring Forest tapes, HI DREW YOU BE DA MAN!] , Ahem! as well as the little matter of deprogramming from propaganda and prophecying a barely avoidable doom for mankind if we don't fight The Power with truth NOW. That's my strong point. Prediction. Trick is applying it wisely in the terrifying heat of the moment, isn't it?


Seriously, people, Apocalyptic Chaos and Catastrophe is coming and too few have unplugged from the Matrix yet to organise a rebellion. So do notice and respond to the sociopolitical dimension is what I'm saying. It's all spiritual anyhow sure but we got a bad house fire that needs putting out! All hands to the pump, please!

This is the Big One. Navel gazing has it's place yet sociopolitical activism is survival. Either that or find a really deep tunnel system and acheive bigu cos you ain't gonna have sunlight, food or water for years. The HKs have gone nano. Ha! I am smiling at the fools reading and thinking I am delusional. Fact not theory, folks.


I have an vexing issue re taiji and qigong that I will post on the other part of the forum but if anyone wants to answer it here that would be superb. To wit: where is the correct balance point on the foot in taiji and 3 circle standing qigong? John Ding actually says foward over K1. Many disagree utterly, more towards the heel. I am confused, though I have my own ideas and feelings. Both views cannot be correct so it begs the question about Mr.Ding's teachings, since he seems outnumbered. Yet he appears to have good jing so I am left wondering...

all input appreciated muchly, thanks very much.


Yours Respectfully,


Daniel the Aquarian* Cloud Tiger


*PS For those with Western Astrology, Neptune conj. Ascendant, Pluto conj Midheaven, Saturn conj South Node [damn!] and a stellium of Sun Venus Mercury Jupiter Moon in Aquarius SQUARED by Mars in Taurus. Oh Woe!

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Welcome! I'm new here too but I welcome you anyway :)


I have some suggestions about your foot question. But note this:


I very well know many will disagree with me on what I'm saying and THAT'S OK. Personally I believe several views can be valid at once and this aspect is practiced differently in different lineages. You have accomplished practitioners in every lineage so clearly the truth can hold many forms, I don't claim that what I'm saying here is objectively "the right way" it's just one way to look at it.


First of all, why not ask you teacher. If your teacher don't give you an answer, there might be a good reason why - see below.


1) focus on the energy, intent and feeling of the exercise and see if that guides you. If you really think there is "one correct point" perhaps you should go looking for it yourself, and discuss the sensations in your body with your teacher. Taijiquan perfection is a slow process, not just an exercise you can be explained and then replicate.


2) Interesting point here - some say, different points for different focus. I know of a school (yang style, Mary Y. lineage) where they change this instruction(which point to focus the weight on) over time for the advanced student, based on the teachers insight for the individual. At least that's what one of their students told me once. I never underwent training there so I couldn't say for sure, but it seems natural to me. And it probably works well for them.


3) This point is my summary on the way I was taught by my teacher. Focus more on the whole of the sole of your foot in contact with the floor/ground. Your weight is being spread evenly in your foot, allowing for full root, whole-body centeredness. When you accomplish this you will feel the tingling different places from time to time, not always just in ki-1 or in the heel etc. You will feel sensations in your foot relevant to your energetical processes there and then, not just relevant to your posture, if you only open up and allow for it. You open for it, if you adhere to all taiji principles, if your posture is light, upright, centered. Do you have sung, are you relaxed. Check your spine, your hips, your alignment. For the foot, focus on your whole and relaxed footsole in contact with the ground, not a single point.


Like I said this is not the only way to look at it and I don't claim it to be "the right way." It's just input. Perhaps others are right and reach higher levels more quickly by thinking differently. Perhaps they don't. Who knows?


friendly regards


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