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Anyone tried Taoist Salt?


How do you make Taoist Salt that is bought online anyone have the recipe?




Hello all. just a quick clarification re tao salt. since we are all taoists here i trust we all understand the energetic principles of feng shui and that the concept of alchemy doesnt scare anyone.


tao salt is not bamboo salt or himalyan salt. tao salt is the thin top layer of film that bubbles to the top of a large vat of gallons of bamboo salt.


the reason it is cooked 9 times is due to the bagua. if you take three binary positions, meaning, one position that can either be yin or yang, then you give it three positions... you have a total of 8, pal, ba, permutations. 2 to the third power.


tao salt is burnt 9 times... if you've ever done a bagua walk, you circle the center until you finally enter the center and inhale the energy of the vortex you've just created. that penetration into the center is the 9th life. or ninth month or regenesis.


Now, you cant just take salt and cook it alone in a metal pot. you've got to process it by counter balancing the salt against the others of the five elements. So... how tao salt is made is by putting pure eastern sun rising sea salt (this is wood element so cannot be from any mountain range - even himalaya. it must be from the sea) into bamboo (wood element), then you make an earth element lid of clay, and cook over a fire - fire element in a big metal vat.


In the end, everything in the vat including the clay melts. after the bagua series of burns, only the thinnest film that bubbles to the top is tao salt. the remaining dense material that fills the whole vat is bamboo salt.


Ps. harvard did a conclusive test on the anti tumor efficacy of tao salt a few years back. they were impressed.

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