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  1. Taoist Salt

    Wun, actually, the recipe is simple. The hard part is cooking it for over a week at 3000 degrees. I found these articles for you 1: How Tao Salt is Made: http://bioprin.posterous.com/how-tao-salt-is-made 2: Tao salt vs Bamboo Salt vs Himalayan Rock Salt vs Iodized Refined Salt: http://bioprin.posterous.com/mythology-and-alchemy-of-salt-can-salt-effect Hope that helps clarify the grey areas
  2. Compare Dan Tien to Chakra?

    I see the confusion. ok... to line up the chakras to the dan tiens... you have to understand the term. Because it was already pointed out that dan tien or dahn juhn simply means energy center... ANY vortex is a dahn tien. Cool thing about vortexes... is that they SPIN... AND they have a mouth and a tail. Look at a hurricane. Look at lightning... look at a radio wave... these all have a conical coiling like the kundalini snakes. So.. from the back.. the mid back chakra IS the front middle chakra... BUT... the trouble is here... since there are SEVEN 7 chakas... which one is in the middle? #3 or #4? This is the only place that causes real confusion... But as mentioned... if you really want to reconsile them... ask a yogi to energize your 4th chakra... then ask a qigong master to energize your mid dantien... if it feels the same... you have a match! =)
  3. Compare Dan Tien to Chakra?

    Sheng, the way to know for yourself is to do anthropological research. go ask authorities in both asian and indian cultures what each dantien/chakra does and what it governs. 2nd chakra: reproduction, sex, internal power hah dantien: reproduction, sex, internal power 4th chakra: heart, emotion, time, parallel experiences joong dantien: heart, emotion, time, parallel experiences 6th chakra: enlightenment, vision, clarity, psychic phenomena sang dantien: enlightenment, vision, clarity, psychic phenomena BUT there are yogis and taichi experts everywhere... you'll find one of each to compare notes.
  4. Compare Dan Tien to Chakra?

    Beautiful explanation! worth repeating... there are indeed 7 chakras along the spine.. BUT the main ones are the SANG, JOONG, and HAH Dahn Juhn. there are two more dantiens or dahnjuhns one either side of the sang and hah. then there are the two dantiens between the sang and joong and joong and Hah. That makes 7 total... 7 energy centers. Then there are over 360 more minor ones on the body ... each are accupuncture points aka pressure points.
  5. at

    witch, funny thing is that you are still doing the same thing that those in search of enlightenment are doing. in a dark room, a candle is bright. in a candle lit room, a torch is bright, a torch lit room, a fire place is bright. in that same dark room, if the ceiling was ten feet higher, this would be dark. If the walls were further, then this would truely be dark. If the floor was recessed down into the earth, then this is the real darkness. Whether you walk the path looking forward or looking backward, you are still walking the path of light. Eh... i suppose you can say then that all those seeking enlightenment are walking the path of bedarkenment ... because once I find a greater truth, all the millions of truths i had acquired til now become dark.
  6. Cause and Effect

    PRECISELY! that's all you needed to say. Time is the father of cause and effect... In the real world... there is not cause nor effect... what is- is what allways had been. There is nothing new under the sun (eclesiastes - solomon). Think about it... we always think that that which came first of two events IS the cause... what if we are wrong? what if it only LOOKS like the trigger pull event happened before the soldier got shot. Many think that the roots of a tree come first... then the tree comes later... in reality... as the roots push down... the seed and tree pushes up... its a net zero event. Time is an illusion. On the earth, there are 24 hours. On mars, there are 24 hours... BUT they end a few minutes before earth's day. Mars has 360 days too... but the martian new years happens by the time summer on earth is just starting... days: 1:2 .. hours: 1:1.05ish. What would happen if you saw a soldier getting gunned down on earth... then raced up to mars ... ... what would you see next? Dattatreya sivababa has a video on cause and effect now.. on youtube.
  7. whew! theres a lot of posts on this... ok... literal definitions: qi = energy, spirit, steam qi shin = energetic spirit being qi-m = steam from boiling rice yong-qi = spirit of courage nae = internal nae jang = internal vital organs nae yong = internal meaning nae chi = internal (no external visible or audible) energy shim jang = heart joong shim = central message wei = external; perimeter so... qi gong = cultivation of energy (internal or externally visible) nae gong = externally unmeasurable practice of dedication wei gong = external practice (superficial forms practice or weight lifting) shim gong = spiritual chi mastery practice If you progress, weigong can become qigong can become neigong can become shimgong
  8. any1 know any real numerology and whatnot

    I love the sense of humor! Ok... Numerics and Sacred Geometry. 1. One is everything. 2. Duality is yin yang 3. Three is expanding yin yang 5. Five is the five elements of matterial yin nature 7. Seven is the number of energy centers along the spine 8. Eight is the Bagua that represents the 8 spiritual causes of every physical thing. As the numbers go higher, the understanding becomes more complex so lets start with the obvious. One. everything is in the same space and just energy in one form or another. Two. Yin Yang means that IF something BAD is happening to you... then if you just wait long enough and dont run away, something GOOD will happen. Saddly... most people spend their entire lives avoiding pain so they ONLY experience the Yin of life and successfully dodge the Yang through avoidance. Three is just like rock paper scissors... The moral practical application of the Earth/Man/Heaven expanded yin yang is for another day.
  9. Stripping the Gurus

    And you SFJane, are adorable!
  10. Stripping the Gurus

    Yeah. The moment you TRUST another person... you become lazy and disengage your own critical thinking. This is how herd mentality develops. Heck, in a herd, you dont even have to trust a single leader... you just trust the mindless masses. But trusting in one individual is what makes religions happen. Funny isnt it? Jesus was not a christian and none of the Buddhas were buddhists. But it sure is easier to trust the opinions of others and just do as you are told. - Tao of least resistance =)
  11. any1 know any real numerology and whatnot

    1. the universe doesnt need saving. the human world could use some help though. 2. numerics, etc... see #1
  12. Horse Riding Stance

    Hi Stig, I wasnt referring to your comment.
  13. Stripping the Gurus

    Good and Evil / Right and Wrong / these are all dominantly Christian concepts. You have to remember that these Yogis and Gurus... are ummm... NOT CHRISTIANS! If you judge them according to your commandments, you've already broken yourself, "Judge ye not..."
  14. worrying heart pain

    First thing to do is get a professional diagnosis. You being SUBJECTIVE have a hard time seeing what is really happening to your body... As far as general knowledge, the heart is your 4th chakra... it is also called the 4th dimension. Meaning... l w d and time. So you are having a harding time accepting time based frustration or emotional heart pain. You know what to do now.