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  1. Who are the most motivated people in the world?

    Possibly not fulfilling their dreams.
  2. Who are the most motivated people in the world?

    You have comically negated the very essence of Taoism. I would argue that people are doing the opposite - they are trying to hard at everything they do. Schools, elders, coaches, and peers encourage us to try harder at everything. Yet, the harder we try, the harder things get. If everyone was Wu Wei, everything would get done.
  3. Transcendental Meditation

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. Transcendental Meditation Has anyone tried it? What's so special about it?
  5. The Tao Bums Daily Meditation Challenge

    Good to hear, lifeforce. I've kept up 15 minutes a night before bed. My ability to sit in the lotus position is starting to improve. I have also avoided masturbation for an entire week and have had little desire to do it. Actually, my life has significantly changed over the past week. I will have to explain in a new forum thread as it's significant.
  6. 365 Tao - LAUGHTER

    It's interesting that you posted this. While laying in bed last night, I realized that for me the most important part of a friendship / relationship is laughter. Laughter is the best feeling in the world, and there's no reason for adults to be so serious. Surely, intelligence and knowledge are dire. But I think being able to think and also laugh at the same time is wisdom.
  7. Perhaps it's great that he's going through the process of figuring out what works for him?
  8. Destroying Hope

    haha Hope relates to attachment to something in the future. Doesn't this go against Taoism thinking?
  9. 1 Glass of Wine?

    Fantastic post. Thank you. Something strange happened to me last night that I've yet to share. I suppose I'm not sure if it's just a random event or not. If it's legit, it has completely changed my life, including my view on this topic. I'm currently think the very asking of this question is a waste of time.
  10. 1 Glass of Wine?

    Can one have the alcohol for the purpose of having it and also have the awareness for the purpose of being aware? Are you saying using alcohol to increase awareness is foolish; or are you saying any alcohol use is foolish?
  11. 1 Glass of Wine?

    Little1, is it possible that these "stimulants not of this world" are so powerful that we need not worry about whether we should consume them rather than "stimulants of this world."? Mustn't all we do is experience both and choose for ourself? Are you proposing that the addiction to alcohol, even in small amounts, is hindering our ability to notice the even greater "stimulants not of this world"?
  12. 1 Glass of Wine?

  13. 1 Glass of Wine?

    So you're against Green Tea that has caffeine?
  14. 1 Glass of Wine?

    Thanks for the advice.
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