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Some thoughts on Post-Heaven Qi

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Post-heaven qi is the embodiment of pre-heaven qi in this world : living and non-living things. I emphasize on qi in living things here: humans, animals and plants .


Once qi realized itself , it becomes complicated and having morphic , spatial , time and level characteristics:


The spatial and time characteristics is expressed by qi running in 20 meridians of our body in different periods of time in a day /month. In case of other animals ,say an elephant , because of having a physical form different from humans, we can expect that the spatial distribution of its meridians different from us ; An octopus living in deep sea , for example , its meridians will be much different from human beings.


Regarding the time factor : Full moon seems affects most animals , especially their reproductive activities. Midnight is also a time we have to pay attention to...these show us the complicated relation between jing and qi...


As we know, applying acupuncture to veterinary is a newly developing area ; applying acupuncture to vegetable and plants is more challenging .



Levels and layers: Qi exists in different layers of human body : Some exists just outside our skin, acting as an unseen shield against diseases ; Some in blood vessels as driving force , some in our organs..etc; In TCM, dealing with bad /good qi at different levels of our body is a practical issue , for example, we have "evil qi " at Tai Yang, Shao Yang, Tai Yin , Shao Yin levels..etc


Qi as different liquid forms: jing, blood, sweat, tears ..,Jing( sperm) as the concentrated form , is the most important one we have to pay attention to .In TCM , capable of identifying the metamorphism of qi in various forms enables a doctor gives treatment to symptoms quicker .


Post-heaven qi is the target of TCM and Acupuncture doctors; pre-heaven is the target of Qi gong and Taoist masters .



Only by getting rid of all spatial ,time, morphic characteristics of post-heaven qi , its limitations on our mind , can we return to the pre-heaven status , a panacea for most fundamental problems an individual faces in life .

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