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  1. Dont talk about teachers?

    I can't remember exactly what a Buddhist friend told me. So for lack of finding better words to put this in... Just because there is a distinction you find or figure out in someone or something that doesn't mean that is reason for that teacher not to be increadably good at what he or she teaches nor is that a reason they are an imperfect teacher. wt
  2. Zhan zhuang

    The ZZ I practice may be slightly different then Master Lam Cam Chuen's (even though the teacher I'm learning it from comes from the same lineage) If your studying with a teacher your ZZ at least once a week then I would say ask your teacher. If you don't have a teaher go get one. --- Yiquan or Dachengchuan is a system not so different then the standing meditations practiced in other Buddhist sects. At least extremely fundamentally speaking. I'm sure one can find many more hundreds of thousands variations within them. --- Once you have one I believe he would intruct you to continue with the practice as these side effects are only signs of weakness or problems in your energetic body when put under performance and with the teachers help and aid can you be sure with enough practice you can deal or over come with these issues. That is if your teacher says. It is also understood that over time these problems will go away. Over time of diligent practice. But I'm just repeating what teachers would instruct and I am not a teacher so I sugest you find one become a student and then do what they suggest. Best thing about a good teacher is if you get to know your teacher and you have a good relation with eachother. Although after time if these problems don't ago away and you don't have any teachers by in worst case senario I would seek a perfessional Acupunturist, or a Traditional Chinese Doctor.
  3. Zhan zhuang

    Not that I'm an expert or a teacher on the subject but granted a few teachers I know on the subject and the recommendation is generally Taoist Practice, is quite practical. It is not spoken about but rather done. It is through the doing that makes it Taoist. To understnad makes it philosophical. Which both have its strengths and purposes. ZZ meditation is a important foundation. As a Taoist Practice I would suggest, to practice ZZ meds instead of talking about it. In fact I would suggest to do it before you know lots about it. Although I say that suggestion, it doesn't hurt to understand stuff about ZZ but it is simple, and although you could waste lots of words to describe something so simple and easy you could also right few words to explain something so simple and easy. Side note: I will have to make some time to read this whole thread but I got some work to be doing currently. Wt
  4. Recommended books to read

    I just typed up a huge first post to start out this subject all about how important my list of top 5 books that I recommend for someone else to read. I made this post in the hopes of getting other peoples personal recommendations of books are in my personal opinion are a must read books. I've been running out of books to read and wanted to know what good books in an generally pretty well worded and relatively easy to understand books would you recommend that I read. (if this subject starts to pick up with a few replies I may re-add my reviews of each book) 1. Seven Taoist Masters Translated by Eva Wong Review: The book mixes up history with legend and a little explaination of Taoist practices. The explaination of Taoist practices are mostly principles purposes of the practice although I found the book extremely simple and easy to understand. It even goes so far as to describe that as a monk there are three different ways in which one can cultivate. Highest being meditation in a monastery, lowest would be cooking in the monastary. Although the story is talking about some supposidly difficulties that each one of the seven taoist masters encounter 2. Opening the Dragon Gate by Thomas Cleary 3. Revealing the Tao Te Ching Translated and Commentary by Hu Xuezhi I own a few versions of Tao Te Ching but only know the pracitical application of a few of the chapters myself I may prefer the wording of other Tao Te Ching Chapters then in this book but the special thing about this book is the amount of commentary that allows one to really start you on the right track to get the significence and picture of the what it is saying. 4. A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung By Daniel Reid basically a general guide all about Chi-Gung but it is pretty damn comprehensive. 5. Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine A great easy to read understand book because of the great length it goes to elaborate what it is talking about.
  5. Stilling the mind

    My personal advise to you is to get up to at least of 20 to 30 minutes of consistant stillness practice at least once daily (by yourself). Granted you have a teacher you end up doing at least 100 hours of stillness meditation (getting to a point of completely and utterly uninterrupted stillness meditation is very important) within a three months. Is what I would advise just for a bigenner but the recommendations change depending on your teacher. This is the suggestion for creating the foundation. It is generally very important to creat a proper and solid foundation. I personally believe this not just for doing cultivation but rather just to be able to survive in real life. What another WONDERFUL POST fizix. What another WONDERFUL POST fizix. I couldn't agree with everything you said. I would have not said it as well as you for sure. But granted you said it so well I'd like to add thing or two to try and make it sound better (I hope you don't mind) with the 72 hours fast of pure stillness you would also have it completely and utterly interrupted. (shutting out all outside distractions as well as having cleared any inside distractions which means you can consistantly practice to do a 72 hour fast in pure stillness) fizix the edit part of the post was especially great.
  6. Taoist Philosophy

    Mal, I find myself with the same situation. Enjoying reading the posts but with very little to say back. When I do end up saying anything. I realize how see through like glass I was when I said it and how obvious what I know and what I don't know is being shown through. It is a consistant humbling experience although sometimes I'd perfer not to embarrass myself in the first place... I try to prevent it when I can. Although I believe this post did the exact same thing. I wrote it possibly for your benefit. That and I always find I know so much less then everyone else in most of the cases. It is so funny in my mind I decide to talk to say something that is deep or seems amazing and I find myself still knowing so much less then most of the people around me. What do I know I'm just a kid. wt
  7. Taoist Philosophy

    Keep in mind I have no personal hidden intentions. The problem with Intelligence is it can be used to discriminate. (If the person is blinded with Ignorance it is quiet bad) What the good thing about intelligence is it helps you understand, assuming you don't attach any sort of ego or intentions with the collecting information. The way I explained it before was rather a way to make you see the bad in collecting a little bit of intelligence and saying how important learning wisdom is. Which oddly enough the process of learning wisdom actually incorperates collecting lots of intelligence until wisdom of the situation is learned. (that is in so much words a general understanding of it) I hope that better understood. wt
  8. Taoist Philosophy

    I am not here with a hiddin intention in this post keeping that in mind. Compared to wisdom, intelligence often discriminates.
  9. Taoist Philosophy

    Another great post. Thanks for sharing. wt
  10. Taoist Philosophy

    I don't mean to take this subject totally off topic although it has ran a different course then the original subject. It does seem however that often times good subjects or interesting ones definately go in this direction of running off its original course. I am however interested in peoples views/understandings of how Tai Chi is appart from Internal Alchemy as a seating practice and more importantly how is Internal Alchemical processes apart from Taoism itself? Sincerely, wtiger P.S. I am really hoping to get an answer from apepch7, Marblehead and ~jK~. P.P.S. I have been really enjoying the conversations so far with Marblehead and ~jK~ and can't wait to read more.
  11. Taoist Philosophy

    Well maybe you should start a thread on principles of keeping within Harmony.
  12. Taoist Philosophy

    Outstanding, thanks for posting once again. Best Regards, wtiger
  13. Taoist Philosophy

    Thank you very much for putting this up here Marblehead. Marblehead, is there a point to continuously go back and forth from opposites, Yin and Yang? Best Regards Wt
  14. Relationships with older women

    I should have expected you to write something like that.
  15. Oh cool!

    Around what area?