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Just joined up and looking forward to some interesting conversations.


Overall I feel like my life is going well in regards to money (I have a biz that makes me a reasonable wage for zero work required), friends, health and fitness. But total crap in relationships - I dont meet many girls and have some pretty bad approach anxiety going on (yes Ive read heaps of stuff all over the net on "picking up" women). Its the only area I feel is lacking in my life, and theres just no reason I should be single as much as I am. As well as the above, I'm tall, fairly good looking, etc so shouldnt have any problems, but yeah anyway enough complaining and making it worse :)


I used to do yoga once or twice a week and am thinking of getting back into that very soon.


For a time I was into OBEs but only "maybe sorta had one", an experience which was so intense it got me interested in all of this stuff in the first place.


I've read the books below, but havent studied or thought/practiced anywhere near enough:

The Tao of Love and Sex

The Tao of health, sex and longevity

The Enlightened sex manual

The multiorgasmic male

... actually stuff this, I've read too much to list everything haha.

Lots of Abraham Hicks/Tolle/Dieda books :P


Haven't really progressed at all, I feel like the book thats had the most effect on me is The Power of Now. Its just helped me stop thinking so much garbage, thank GOD for that!


Have been dissapointed that I have had like, zero improvement since reading multi orgasmic male, especially after reading the bit that says some people "get it" after only a week or so. I continue to do the PC exercises on and off, realistically I'd do them 1-3 times a week. I dont understand some of the other exercises at all... I've decided to start a qigong class to hopefully make energy easier to feel.


I'm also interested in KAP. I found a grand total of one Kundalini yoga teacher here in my home town, who is overweight, so I'm instantly skeptical. Is this wise or not?


I'm currently doing meditations and affirmations on my root chakra and working my way up, then getting into yoga/qigong soon, maybe some KAP depending on how far along I need to be to start that... Also generally trying to increase my social circle, push myself a bit socially/with women etc.


Well thats pretty much where I'm at. Good to meet you dudes :)


If you can suggest any chakra or KAP books that would be great, theres tons out there!



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Hello aceking.


There are lots of threads here about semen retention and male sexual practises, if you do a search. If you go to the personal practise section and look for Trunk's blog, you will see in his sig line a link to alchemical taoism, which is a great source of info about lots of things including sexual work.




We are very fortunate to have one of the chief KAP people as a member here, he may be able to answer your questions specifically, you could start a new thread about it... I think you can certainly have raised kundalini and eat too much! But it is an interesting question, about our preconceptions of how teachers should be or shouldnt be.


About approach anxiety.. I know the PUA's say just do it, do it and do it again x100 untill you are cool with it. I personally feel that when you are relaxed in yourself and fully trust that essentially we are all one, then there is no boundary to be crossed that make one anxious, if one's intentions are clear and honourable..


Welcome to the Taobums, you have brought good topics for conversation with you already. :)

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