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Peace and Greetings to Everyone

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Hello to everyone here, I am very happy to have discovered this community.


My name is Chris Swanson, I live in California (Silicon Valley). I'm a 25 year old guy.


Briefly, I am a super pacifistic hippy type, with serious influence from Buddhist, Hindu, and especially Taoist philosophy.


Since it's a big part of my life, I won't hide the fact that I choose to experiment with mind expanding drugs. I am not sure how this group will feel about that, but I will certainly be respectful and show restraint in my topics.


I wanted to ask for advice from anyone in the community who may be able to help me out with a question I have.


See, I've had problems with anxiety and panic, even irrational fear of death, for many years. I've taken lots of medicines, and only very addictive, short acting drugs are helpful.


I have been practicing Buddhist samadhi (concentration) meditation and metta (love) meditation to relieve symptoms, however I feel there is some energy or psychic block which is causing my suffering which is not being dissolved by these practices.


I decided to seriously consult the I Ching regarding an approach for relief from the root cause of my symptoms.


My result was Hexagram #15, Chien (Or Modesty / Egolessness according to my translation) , with change lines at 3,4,and 5.


All three change lines advise egolessness and selflessness as a path to success / resolution.


The changed Hexagram is #45 Tsui (Congregation / Gathering the Essence according to my translation)


From what I understand it can represent a time of peaceful and happy gathering of life. Also a time for cultivation and gathering subtle essence.




So my curiosity is this:


Am I at least sort of using the I Ching in a beneficial manner?


Is there a technique that is safe for lay practicioners which could help cultivate the aspect of egolessness? Perhaps meditation or energy visualization, or some physical movements?


Thanks so much for anyone's opinions, I really respect these beliefs and I think it may be the best way to get my life back in balance.


peace + love


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Welcome to da Bums.... and you might want to ask your question in the Taoist Discussion area since most of the people here dont read the intros for some strange (evil antisocial) reason.

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