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Son Goku

Fortune Cookies

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"Shiva opens her arms now to make sure I don't get too far, I may talk in my sleep cause I don't know who I am, I'm a little like you, more like the Son of Sam."- Elliot Smith


I felt really lucky the day I got such a cool quote in a fortune cookie. The feeling coursing through my body was unusual, like a chemical taste all over my body, that constantly reminds me that waking reality is another layer of sleep. That I am awake in my slumber of disconnection, yet I desire a greater awakening, like an onion- as soon as I peel off one layer another awaits.


I walk down the street and heels leave the ground first then suddenly my toes follow, as I float down the street I can't decide which is more shocking, that I can fly in waking life, or that people looking right at me with eyes wide open, cannot tell that anything out of the ordinary is going down.

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