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  1. Wang Liping on sitting (in lotus posture)

    WOW. There's something of importance said here.. !!
  2. Any ladies in the Orlando area, contact TzuJanLi for a renewed faith in the world.
  3. Who are the most motivated people in the world?

    Nah hommie. God aint dead. I saw him selling shirts on forty deuce. 2 for one. [whoops, had a little too much kanye last night..]
  4. Traditional etiquette of sifu-student relationship?

    Sifu Yan Ming, the first Shaolin monk to defect to the US, once told me and a few other students at a mexican restaurant "When you go out to eat with the master, never let the master pay". True story.
  5. Not really my question, but very well put Drew. Hey, can I pitch you an idea for a movie- Drew Hempel's Electromagnetic Field of Dreams- "If you build it, they will cum..
  6. I've heard from different people that they consider sex 'powerful stuff', not to be taken lightly. What does this mean on a practical level? Of course there is the possibility of creating a new life. And I understand the idea that sexual energy is the driving force behind many functions of a human being. But what are the secrets behind sexual union? What is happening inside the spinal column that connects humans brains to their reproductive organs and nervous systems? On a topic I recently read here on, it was about love and orgasmic sensation without intercourse, there were some excellent ideas discussed. However, my question is more about the hormones, sexual fluids, and energies exchanged. What is happening on a scientific/metaphysical level that is so profound about sex?
  7. yoyoie

    welcome bud. nice avatar
  8. I haven't had a Gopi Krishna'esque Kundalini awakening yet. I feel crackles and pops drawn up the spine through breathing. Some people say that when this energy climbing my spine, finally hits the brain, then I will have it.
  9. Yea Mal, Daniel Odier is cool. If you're in Europe its easy to link up with him by shelling out a couple bucks [] (a day at a weekend seminar isn't too much). I went on many of his retreats during the year I lived in Paris. Blasto, this "dissolving water method" sounds interesting. I wonder how many people on taobums have had a real K awakening, like a profound one that doesn't ever stop.
  10. Neichuan- Yea, I'm looking forward to meeting them. I've always had the feeling that I'm an aghori type person. My friend has been recognized as some sort of great incarnation of this master's eternal wife. She is the first woman to be allowed into some special place too. Wow Drew! I've never seen those awesome articles before. cOOL how that article is right under your interview , I love it. great website btw, that google translate is getting good. I found you through taobums a couple years ago, and we used to have an email correspondence. I never bothered to tell you who I was here on taobums (I'm Son Goku here).
  11. Drew- Nice to catch up with you again! (remember me? I'm also a full-lotus guy). Haha, you've made the full shift left I see; last time I talked to you u still didn't drink alcohol and were using listerine. Even Chunyi strikes me as a little bit 'left', in that he is so open about sharing energy (I.e. everyone in the room is told to hug each other after cultivating), which is so nice compared to traditions and teachers who are so strict and don't encourage everyone to relax and let go. SK- It sure does. I'll know for sure when it explodes.. My practice in the past has been a mash-up mess of being around Tibetan masters as a child, sitting full lotus Chan/Zen, a little shaolin Kung-fu , and some tantric sadhana with Daniel Odier. Last year I read JJ Semple's 2 books, and (after trying to reverse the breath as he prescribes) thats when I really started to feel the breath drawing something upward. I'm excited for Drew, and anyone else who may be headed for a vast, profound rocket ride to big consciousness. Wow it would be great to see some of us really 'pop'..
  12. Hello everybody, This energetic journey moving upward from the bottom of my spine, well, its almost all the way up to the brain. It has been moving upward, ever so slowly, for the past year; felt and heard as big crackles and pops inside my spine. I'm greatly looking forward to see what happens when it hits the third eye. My good friend has become the wife of an aghori master in India and lives there with him and there adopted children. i may go visit them and am happy to see what may happen with my budding condition, as a result of contact with this groups energy; I've never been to india and this group is said to be a tantric fast track... so exciting an idea, but i dont expect (or not expect) anything really. i'd love to hear from everyone. especially "left path" people that like having fun and tuning the mind to the soaring bliss of it all peace, kamehameha
  13. A True Sign of Insanity

    cool Sloppy Z. Hey, I think I should add something important that I neglected to say before- I've experianced people speaking directly into each others minds. And I trust there are masters that can see through bodys like x-ray vision, for maybe something like doing acupunture. Soooo I am aware of these things guys. Just because someone can read your mind and see through your body imho does not make them know whats going on inside you. The mind and energy system of the individual is a unique code that only the individual can fully descipher, otherwise we could got exist as individuals. But yea, you guys are right at the H I G H E S T point,,, it should be possible. So I retract my statement (the title of this topic)
  14. Powering down

    I like how you (A) and then (B.)! One can only imagine what she considers really loosing it, if saying something like that (A) is keeping in good form. The Avatar sez it all. Try facing forward maybe. Well I suppose I brought it on myself, maybe something to do with the mental state I was in when I first started posting at this site; some loony stuff. Anyway, I've stabalized now and have been participating here sincerely. Well, I think we're done here. Hopefully me and this person have gained something positive out of the interaction. Powering down Good day.