5 element nutrition, book recommendations (and maybe lending, too, but not completely necessary if not handy)

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Hi, what would be good books on:


- 5 elements nutrition

- 5 elements herbs

- 5 elements in general

- meridian systems

- energy -center- systems

- elemental magic

- taoist talisman magic


Please let me know

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the tao of nutrition is the only book of this nature that I know...


There are So Many Great books out there!

Not sure of one that covers all the stuff you mentioned though?

not in One book, at least!


One that goes into 5 E stuff, acupuncture/meridians, herbs,and more?

and is a pretty accessible for folks looking for an introduction

or for folks that like to think they know a thing or two is

Between Heaven And Earth by Beinfield and Korngold

Also The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk

is one that they tend to recommend to students,

I think it helps to have some introduction to TCM, in some way, before hand.

it's a book you can always go back to and see something new in.


For 5 element stuff check out some of the acupuncture school web sites

and look at their recommended reading lists !

There is many different forms of acupuncture, 5 E is just one

... Think the Worsley Acupuncture

School teaches a type of 5 E. May be worth checking out?


There is an old book out there called Chinese Medicine for Beginners by Achim Eckert

It also goes into the 5 E's but shows postures, almost like yoga poses, to work with each E.

Show Meridians line drawn over photo of the person.Not sure how good it is but looks interesting.

I Haven't had a chance to work with that one at all, yet, myself.


My Favorite book on meridians is

ESSENTIAL ANATOMY For Healing & Martial Arts by Tedeschi

Has the best charts I've seen, tells the point names in english,chinese,korean,and japanese.

tells pressure points, I Like this book :D

Helps to use it with another book if your looking for specific information

It's really mostly for the charts in it.

Like to use it with The Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak

(:D It's Great! makes me so happy to read it. yes, i know it's sick.)

also a favorite book, though wish it had better index!

It is geared to tai chi but could be easily adapted to any martial art i think?

It's by this crazy fellow named Earl Montaigue. (crazy in a good way???)

It's nice because as well as showing how to do damage it goes into the antidote/healing

Do like that book a lot .

tend to reference it often for things like tender points when doing self massage and stuff.


Lots of great books out there, depends How in depth you want to go!

These are just a few!!!

So Many More!!!


Have fun !







yes edited for spelling!

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Has anybody read this book:


by Barbara Temelie?


She looks into details on nutrition for major organs, hot/cold/dry/damp.


What's your take on it?





I don't know it but it does look good?






would love to find one that also covered local (U.S./Eastern U.S.) herbs and stuff, too,

as well as stuff i could find in my neighborhood grocer.

Have to let me know how U like it if you get it!

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