Question about Zhan Zhuang and other practices

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Hello everyone,


I have been adviced to do Zhan Zhuang practice elevating my arms up to the lower Dan Tian only by an online friend who initiated me to Taoism somewhat.

To be honest, I have practiced for 5 months, without noticing any good effects on myself. Instead what I felt was that it modified my mental processes, like memory or thinking, I was not able to think too clearly, though it is supposed to do just the opposite.

I practiced in general from 10 to 20 minutes.

I think this practice can work on some but not all...

You might wonder why I continued for 5 months, well because it's supposed to heal a lot of illnesses, and yes I have one mental condition and I think the practice interferes with my medication, though I am stable according to the doctors.

I would like to find a simple Qiqong practice to improve my health nevertheless, I like the static methods.

I also practice meditation for 25 minutes, and I've noticed that before sleeping it is not the best, so I do it 2 or 3 hours before or when I feel like doing it.

I also do mantras for purification of the Heart.


Thank you for advicing me.



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Are you Horse of a Dog? Move and stay away from ZZ.


Are you an Ox or a Rooster? ZZ will be of great benefit.


Look at practices like walking meditation or Ba Gua Quan as their main idea is constant non-interrupted movement. 

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