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I've had a string of dreams lately with animals in them, and in the most recent one there was an owl with a peacock on its right shoulder/wing.

The owl was walking on the ground. It was brown with some grey. I think the wings were tucked in, but the peacock was like sitting on it somehow.

The peacock looked kind of dour? It's tail was closed. 

I'm pretty flummoxed as to the meaning here. I know these birds are used as symbols of very powerful spiritual forces, but not really too sure about which ones, and even less sure about the meaning of the peacock sitting on the owl.

The thing is, this animal was not the main focus in the dream. It was more like this subtle detail that was there while a bunch of other stuff was going on. Yet, it feels like this was actually the major symbol in the dream, but it also didnt want to like draw attention to itself. I've had a similar occurrence with another dream I'll describe below.

In this other dream, there was actually a bunch of important things going on, but basically there was this small snake that came out of a small hole and was entirely inconsequential to the rest of what was going on in the dream, yet I knew it was very important.

Then some week or so later, I had another dream that was completely serpent oriented. There was a large black snake, very wide and it had the head of lion. The snake had the blackest black scales, but had a white mane and other facial features were white. I feel like the small snake dream was a pre-cursor to this dream. I'm aware of the connection to different ancient gods that feature a lion's head with a snake, although I think this more closely must be yaldabaoth. 

I'm mostly curious as to the owl-peacock symbol. Any ideas on this?

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When you are meditating step back into a dream and start to interact with the characters.  Talk to them.  Do experiments to test your theories


One issue is that dream imagery is formed/modified from your existing set of brain images.  This usually limits how true is the dream image to the dream energy





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