tai chi player lovin' and learnin'

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Looks like a nice spot you folks have here!

lot's of knowledge floating around : )

hoping to share some & share in some,

interested in it all!

looking to learn! Always!

love tai chi (bagua, kung fu, What-have-u),

like to smile and play in martial arts and crafts,

qi kong, meditation, journeying, energy stuff of all sorts,

acupuncture, herbs, yoga, Ayurvedic medicine

( which gets confused with my tcm "knowledge" )

like to have my mind blown (in healthy ways!),

taoist philosophy, zen, Buddhism,hinduism, most of those ism's,

Love to see the places folks find their own spirituality,

wherever they find the love that makes them shine!

Ooo, I like folks with shining eyes, too!

Sticks and stones feathers and bones

earth and clouds and sea!

Shamanicish sorts of paths (taoist or other wise!)

are the Way i seem to follow these days

but every Way is a Way... or is it The Way???

Any Way : )

This place looks like fun?

I just found you folks by accident and wanted to check things out!

Hope this isn't to much info to fast!

LOL, I'm just excited!!! :D



I'm good now.


Thank You!



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Hi, was just reading one of you articles on push hands,

i So wish i wasn't on my way to work!

... Have to finish it later, but have really enjoyed it so far!

Strange, You So look like a friend of mine???

U must be a friend of mine! : ) LOL.

Strange. Not that he's strange... well yes he is,but with the kindest of hearts.

but so are we all !

Yer not up in New England are u?


Stay well!


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