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In this case, the first time a headache occurs, if the Evodia japonica soup goes down, you can avoid the later regrets.
If it is too late to use Wuzhuyu Tang, and the brain has already suffered a hemorrhage, then Xiaoxumingtang will go down to save the emergency.
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I forgot that I had posted this topic before, since someone likes it, I will share another article.

It is difficult to treat the nerve compression caused by a herniated disc, but it can be cured quickly with Fuzi Decoction.

This is the power of scriptures.

Whether it is learning Taoist cultivation methods or Chinese medicine, classics are must-reads.








The classics that must be read in Chinese medicine include the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic and Treatise on Febrile Diseases. These two books must be read.





There was once a young man who had a herniated disc and couldn't work. After he had practiced spontaneous exercises for many years, he learned Wuwei Dan from me.
The more he practiced, the lazier he became, but he still insisted on continuing to practice.
One day he mentioned that his intervertebral disc herniation hadn't healed yet, so I told him Fuzi Decoction.
After a few months, he said he went to work, he got married, and then he disappeared.
Although I am happy that his life has returned to normal, I am also disappointed that he gave up cultivation.




The most difficult part of Treatise on Febrile Diseases is the syndrome differentiation of the six meridians, but I believe that in the western world, there should be very few TCM physicians who understand the syndrome differentiation of the six meridians.

There is another characteristic of Jing Fang that very few people know, that is, positioning.

Usually Chinese medicine practitioners are biased by the theory of tropism, and do not see the role of positioning in the prescription.

The biggest function of medicine like aconite is positioning.

However, the Chinese medicine practitioners of the Shifang School are very afraid of FuZi 

 This kind of thinking makes many kidney-related diseases impossible to treat.

The kidneys take the water route, from the brain, to the spine, to the urinary system, to the water in the body, all are related to the kidneys.

If you dare not use aconite(FuZi), almost these diseases cannot be cured.













Xuanwu among the four holy beasts represents the northern kidney water.

Xuanwu Decoction in Treatise on Febrile Diseases uses aconite, which is the most important prescription for treating water diseases.






There is a saying that all ancient Taoist practitioners knew the scriptures, especially Lu Zu.

There is also Tao Hongjing of the auxiliary Xing Jue.





When you cultivate qi on the one hand, but on the other hand take western medicine to harm your kidney qi, how should you cultivate Qi?



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Hi Awaken, my Aunty has a copy of Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic. We both have Healing with Wholefoods which quotes Inner Classic all the time. 

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