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Geof Nanto

Rookie lifeguard saves kangaroo from rough surf

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On new years eve  .... " Oh my God, there's a kangaroo jumping off the rocks!'  ......   Meh ... probably drunk , Aussies do all sorts silly stuff on NYE .



However it would have made a very good belt and reel rescue with that kangaroo ! 



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....  I nearly needed rescuing this morning ;   stayed out last night and got  a call this morning - river is flooding -  bolted home  but turning into my road the police are in front of me . We get to the last bridge river crossing before my place , signs are up 'road closed' and another 'water over road '  .... pffft . 


Water has just started coming over the higher side rails ...... errrrmmmmmm  .... my little Honda  4 x 4  would make that, but I am in the Rover and its VERY low . Cops stop and hesitate , they dont want to go . So I chat with them  " Nah ! You'll be right in that , you got height and 4WD , not sure about me, I am low , its the height, the cross current isnt that strong yet  - look I lived here over 40 years I know . You will be right , but I am not sure about me . "    Since they had backed up behind me, I thought I was going first , and if engine flooded they could  just push me through. But no, they take off and go ahead of me ... whaaaat ?   .... but it seems deeper and a bit more 'energetic'  than I thought .  I knew they would make it  but knew I wouldnt , they had steam gushing out, a wash wake on the upsteam side about half way up their  doors   .....  errm , oops .    :D  


So I parked up hill and grabbed my stuff and got a lift over and home with the next car , an even bigger 4wd ... again .... me; "Nah , you will be fine , done it 100 times . " - we where .


But then I had a thought  ..... Oooops , I forgot to tell the police , dont take more than 15mins before you try to cross back or you stuck in the valley for ... who knows how long  ?  "     Ooooo ... another 'Ooops'   .   They would have taken longer than that .... I wonder where they are now .....bogged down in  some forest mud trail, another extra 60 km, way out ....   sitting in car looking at flooded bridge  ... knocking on doors .... 'can you put us up for a few days   "     .... call in the rescue police helicopter  ?    :D 


You never know , maybe I visit a mate up  valley in a few months , and he have 2 new housemates with long hair, beards  and dishevelled remains of  tattered and mouldy police uniforms , sitting in bean bag in corner  .... punching cones ;


"Who are those guys ? "


Mate ;  " Errrrr ... cant remember  , I think they got stuck here in a flood months back and ... well .... you know what eventually  happens to people here . "




 And why where they listening to  ME anyway . They are always telling people not to drive through flood waters ???? :blink: When I said I was going to they should have said   " Dont you dare ! Sign says road closed !  Havent you seen all our advise about NOT   crossing flooded roads ! "


No, they listened to MY advice and then did it themselves    :D     better watch news tonight to see if there is a story  about police lock up van  being washed off a bridge on way back to police station  .


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