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Being Prayer?

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Have you encountered this kind of idea in Buddhism or Taoism?



The story took place in the 1990s, in the deserts of Northern New Mexico where they were experiencing one of the worst droughts in history. Upon visiting, Gregg Braden was invited by his Native American friend into the high deserts of Northern New Mexico to share in a prayer of rain.

His friend led him to an ancient stone circle that apparently is so old no one knows exactly who built it! All the stones are still laid out in their original form from the ancients.

Gregg Braden witnessed his friend remove his shoes and step into the circle. He called out loud to the ancestors, honored the 4 directions, turned his back to Gregg and put his hands in a prayer position over his heart for just a few seconds. Then turned back around to Gregg and said, "I'm hungry, let's go grab a bite to eat."

Bewildered, Gregg said to his friend, "I thought you were going to pray for rain!" His friend proceeded to tell him "No. Because if we prayed for rain, rain could never happen. Because the moment you pray for rain you just acknowledged that it doesn't exist in that moment."

His friend continued, "When I closed my eyes I began to feel the feeling of what it feels like to have rain in our pueblo village. I smelled the smells of what it smells like when the rain falls off the earthen walls on our buildings. And I felt the feeling of what it feels like with my naked feet in the mud, there's so much mud because there's been so much rain. In that way, I open the door for the possibility to bring rain into our world."

Later that afternoon the weather changed! The rain came that night and the next day and the next.

"Instead of praying for peace we pray with a feeling of peace and this allows the field to respond to us and create that." - Gregg Braden

“To create reality, focus beyond the outcome as if it has already happened.” ― Gregg Braden

You see, science is just beginning to hint at how powerful we actually are. We have reached a phenomenal time where it is increasingly evident that we are not just these physical bodies. The Life Force that beats our hearts is connected to everything within and around us.

We are infinite intelligence, unlimited life force, condensed into a vibratory thought-form which we call the human body. This thought-form in which we choose to think is what creates the experiences in our lives, and in our world.





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