Aloha from Oahu

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Hi everyone. I'm looking for a teacher in Oahu who can help me through the first 3 years of practice to meet the preconditions Neigong. I'm practicing Damo's standing meditation daily, and I understand it will take years before my Lower Dan Tien activates and starts spinning. But in the meantime, I'm reading so much about the wonderful sitting meditations of Wang Liping, especially the meditation where you make your organs vibrate (Fusion of the 5 Elements?) and really wishing to practice those. But the texts all state that you really need a teacher to make any progress. I've looked around in Oahu and I am not finding any teachers of the Longmen Pai system here. I'm hoping there might be some secret society or something that I'm just missing. Does anyone have any advice on where to look for a good qigong mentor of an officially recognized system like Longmen Pai? Thanks!

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