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Hi there, first time listener and first time caller :)


Found this site from a search today on whether we can feel the energy from bugs and insects. Hey it's Sunday and I was curious, it's what I do.


US-based and just started my qigong practice a month ago. It's a spontaneous form that feels kinda profound and connected. I like it.


Looking forward to learning more in this forum.


Question - wondering whether anyone here "believes" in third eye activating spontaneously as a result of trauma. Have seen that spoken of elsewhere, but here I see a focus on practice which is fine. Had an experience earlier this year that made my brain break a little bit, then had all sorts of interesting experiences. Came here from the trauma, staying for the practice!

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Hi Fatuous,


Some years back I actually wondered if everyone who arrived at “practice” did so through trauma… there seemed to be that much of a correlation to me. In any case, welcome to the bums; hope you enjoy your time here.


warm regards,



P.S. If you haven’t gotten to it yet, please make sure to read the three topics pinned at the top of this sub forum.

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