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Why do witches like long fingernails. Or why are they portrayed with long fingernails, I think i may have the answer.


It's everything to do with how strong their hands are and the strength of the energy inside them.


A quick search on the internet, says.

That long fingernails are a sign someone is above material preoccupations or pleasures.

In some way transcended.


Witches (and hairdressers) like their fingernails long because it is a sign they have transcended the need for manual labor.


Superior beings like these don't need to work. They can find someone else to do it, and do it better; while they enjoy life under the sunset.

Because they have long fingernails.


Or rather. They've grown their hands longer, because the energy inside them has exceeded the limits of the fingers.


It's not my wish to insult hairdressers or witches, just that; in my own practice. As I develop my hands stronger. And in particular. My fingers, and tip of fingers; I feel this energy too.


It's almost as if my fingers were a radiator.

And I cannot help but think of my fingernails as a sort of amplifier of that energy.











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I think you may be right.  If I were to answer why, I would say it's a symbol of increased life-energy.  The same could be said of long hair or a bushy beard.

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