E-mail notifications still have invalid link in plain text

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Through some channel I communicated this long time ago and it's still an issue.

I get an e-mail notification, and I am viewing my e-mail as plain text. But in that mode the link is invalid.


The HTML link goes e.g.



and the browser shows



But in plain text it is



...and leads to the forum responding with " We could not locate the item you are trying to view. "


Also, if I edit that link to read



...it does go to the thread but doesn't jump to the comment.


The browser can work with those character codes, so it must be the forum software. Obviously, because it receives a valid URL and cannot interpret it.

I'm also not sure why it provides a different link for plain text, whether that's believed necessary for something like backwards-compatibility. (Maybe the HTML view translates it automatically into "&"?) But there's definitely inconsistency in the forum system.

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