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Recommends solutions to problems whose absence is the reason for the problem.


Expresses the problem with the existing system trying to subdue everything to the status quo.


Like: Need a psychotherapist? Confident that one could really help you and make all the difference? Well, it is likely that you will never gain access to one. The demand grows, but the supply cannot keep up, and quality suffers, too.

Only radical approaches are solutions. Defying the whole rotten system.


"How to recover from burnout due to cynicism:

mentoring others, volunteering somewhere, performing small acts of kindness, or reaching out to others "

- Isn't it likely that those very paths led to the cynicism?!


"To reduce cynicism and inefficacy, it’s about doing more of the right things,” Schabram said."

- Yes, and often the right thing can land you in prison. That realization might be one cause for cynicism.


One more imagined along those lines:

If you are having money problems, it can help to look for a higher-paying job.

Also cut your expenses. Ponder whether you really need food every day. Do you own a car? Can you not replace your half-hour car commute to work with a two-hour train and bus commute? Even better: Get a home close to your workplace instead. Stay mobile and flexible.

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