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A valuable anthology of Daoist interviews ( "訪道語錄" )

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A significant  anthology of  interviews with Daoist alchemy practitioners I ever got  was a book I bought some day in the 1990s at an old bookstore on a narrow street of Hong Kong .

Name of it is called "訪道語錄"  (" Records of visiting those Taoist masters" ) . It is in fact a book published in Taiwan in the 1960- 1970s , interviewing  those  Daoist practitioners who were living  in Taiwan  but  had fled from the  Mainland to the island   just decade ago. Among the people being interviewed were  the later became  famous Nan Huai Chin  , Xiao Tian  Shi , Fang Da Xin and some other West-School masters.. . Its content reflects the status and achievement of those Daoist  practitioners in that  times  of  political turbulence..


That anthology  later becomes so valuable that  nowadays  you can still find most of its content  on the internet , unfortunately in Chinese .


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