Are all grains unhealthy, or just those which contain gluten?

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Thank you. Does that mean rice and sweetcorn are unhealthy too?


What if the grains are fermented (like kvass or alcohol)?

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On 5/23/2021 at 1:02 AM, liminal_luke said:

As with almost everything nutrition science, opinions vary.  Here´s one view: https://www.marksdailyapple.com/why-grains-are-unhealthy/

The antinutrients mentioned also have beneficial effects. One general rule to consider is:

Balance brings health.

Also: Don't eat isolates. - Foods that contain substances that have a reputation of being bad might have it due to being isolated. If you eat foods that are said to have harmful substances, they often also bring in themselves the solution to those in the form of nutrients that counter it. So emphasize wholesome foods that come with everything given by nature.

Fermenting is a great way to make foods easier to digest and take that burden off of your digestion so that it never has to learn to become better at doing so. (Phytic acid binds nutrients. It is in greater concentration in whole grain. You know what else is high there? All the nutrients.) - Antinutrients can bind minerals. ... But if you got an excess of one, like the problematic iron, phytic acid can even out, restore balance, and it's a powerful antioxidant.  - Plus, you might have bacteria in your colon that can convert phytic acid. ... And where did they come from? Well, likely sitting on their food source that you ate. (Unless you killed them with heat or such.)


Personally I don't seem to have any problem with gluten. - Adaptation is a wondrous thing. (Same case with lactose tolerance. Don't stop drinking milk after toddler age, it might help. People who say they're lactose intolerant have little desire to just gradually get used to it. Maybe they could regain tolerance. - Although there's claims that's not possible. ... If you accept such without own research. - Same with diabetes type 2. Establishment says you can only manage it. But you can totally lose it and be slender and healthy again, with simple diet adjustments. - The sugar mafia wants to run the world. Addiction makes the masses controllable.)


Corn is an issue because it pushes insulin* up, and it is also notorious for being low on micronutrients. It's mostly just good for energy. (Traditional corn consumption is likely a main cause for obesity in Mexico. - And that was likely caused by US colonialism exporting all the good foods and leaving the local peasants with the low-value stuff - absurdly often even imported from the USA, i.e. extra-crappy quality.)


Alcohol burdens the liver. I hate to say it, but wine might actually be better than beer. (Also because hops is estrogenic and if your sex hormones are out of whack, your health can suffer.)


*) See my other thread in this section for very enlightening details that can empower your whole understanding of healthy diet. - Spoiler: Bacon diet is great for losing fat.

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