First question and hello!

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Hey everyone! I've been by this forum many times for qi gong queries, meditation, tantra etc. I've had my own road with all three and now I'm looking for some qi gong guidance. 


My family has a plethora of TCM therapists, Reiki specialists, massotherspist, acupuncturists. I have chosen the professional musician route but after years of meditation and dabbling in tuina I want to seriously study medical qi gong. It's the form of healing that makes the most sense for me. 


I'd rather study outside my family in the beginning so I'm looking for an online teacher ( I know in person is best but it's the only possibility) 


I have come across many schools and two have stuck out. 


Forest rock qi gong & master Faxiang Hu from qigong research society. 


Does anyone have any experience with these 'schools'? Both have aspects that interest me and I'm edging to getting training from an Eastern Master with a lineage and not a western / possibly watered-down approach. Master Hu seems like the real deal but there are no testimonials from students, only loads of patients who he has treated ( arguably better actually..) 



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Hello Holisticdrums,


Welcome to the bums; your membership is approved.


Please make sure you’re familiar with the three topics pinned at the top of this sub forum.


warm regards, 


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