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Hello all,


I hope everyone is doing well.

Rapason is a name my friends gave me a few years back and I often use it as a screen name or nick name. I am only 18 years old and in my first year of college in upstate New York. I origionally hail from the Ocean State- Rhode Island where I grew up on the Island of Jamestown. I dont have much experience in life but I feel like im starting to gain some. For some years now I have been drawn towards philosophy and wondering what my spiritual place is in the world. After some amount of thinking and wondering I was so excited when I found the tao. I began sending out my intentions early last summer that I was going to learn Tai Chi and starting this past fall I began learning Yang style Tai Chi Chuan from Mr. Mark Tolstrup as he learned it from Grandmaster William C.C. Chen. I continue to study with mark to this day and also I have been taking Tai Chi with a Mr. Xiao Jun Li at my college, learning the simplified 24 style Yang Tai Chi just beginning this spring semester. I am happy to say that I was so excited when Mr. Li asked me the other day if I would be his Tai Chi teaching assistant this coming fall semester. Wow! now what dose that tell you about the power of intention! from wanting to learn Tai Chi to having learned two similar but different styles to being asked by a really great daoist teacher to be his tai chi teaching assistant!


I am also really interested in all the other aspects of traditional daoism and chinese medicine including QiGong, acupuncture, moxibustion, herbology, acupressure, tuina, etc. I am a Conservation Biology major with a focus on wildlife but I am going to learn these traditional daoist arts so that I can also benefit other people as well as animals and ecosystems.


hmm.. that was kinda long winded, sorry... anyway, I have got to go, but I will be back and I look forward to learning alot and meeting you all.


Thank you!



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