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Masks like motorcycle helmets?

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I understand the desire to have the wind in ones hair. 

However in many locals wearing a helmet when riding a bike is mandatory, as is wearing a helmet when riding on a motorcycle.

Is this requirement an example of government over reach (big brothers attempt to legislate common sense)?

Or an attempt to control medical costs born not by the individual, but rather the public at large, for instance a non insured or even an insured helmet less  operator is injured and has no or limited coverage. Should their medical care be covered by the public thru local state and federal funds?

Use of public roadways is not considered a right, but rather a privilege.

Can that be likened to wearing or not a mask in public? When on public sidewalks etc.



Should publicly funded medical care be subject to financial limits, or eliminated entirely to those choose not to wear masks in public and contract Covid or suffer symptons  or helmet less riders injured when cycling?


Should travel via public transport including air travel also covered by the same constrictions?

Where does ones rights for freedom end?

Is it when they are possibly endangering others health and well being?


I am licensed to operate a motorcycle and have been for almost 40 years. As traffic increased common sense indicated wearing a helmet would be wise. And I began wearing one voluntarily long before it was required where I live.

And am glad I made that choice. I T boned a vehicle who illegally pulled out in front of me helmet was trashed, noggin fine!





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I would often ride helmet less down our country road to the main road, to the shop. One day, GF wanted to come, I insisted if she going on the back we wear helmets . She didnt want to  and tried a stand off . I can be rather stubborn at times .  Blew a ring, pressurised  crankcase, forced oil out breather ( which is located under guard on top of tyre   !  ), slid out on a corner and we both went down .


Later I showed her the huge scrape and gouge on her full face , right where her temple was .  


We are all effected by accidents /  medical , one way or another .  We even have the helmet law on bicycles as well.

Dont see why that should not apply to masks in a pandemic .  Masks and lock downs .


(And that's from an Aussie , we notoriously dont like being told what to do ..... but we are not  notoriously known for being stupid  ) .

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