Good spiritual/ energy healers? Qi deviations

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Good day,


I wanted to ask what are the really  good energy healers outthere available to the public? 


 ive had a pretty unpleasant nervous system condition for the last 11 months that may or may not be a form of qi deviation


I have a current Moving up the front side of my legs, belly and head then circles down the back.

it causes constant stomach pain, pressure on the eyes, head and in my forehead.   And foggyness. and feeling unwell.


ive also been told some disturbing  things are going on spiritially, 


Who would be wise to iconsult on these issues that are worth their salt?


i was Considering consulting chun yi lin from spring forrest qigong,

i also heard michael lomax recommended.
and wang liping though i dont think he does consultations 

and gm doowai came up in a search, but i definatly couldnt find anything indicating he offers Any public services


chun yi seems to have a pretty commercial setup though - youre first forced to spend around 200$ on a 30 min session with another healer

before you can consult chun yi personally at 145$ per 10 minutes.


Kind of has redflags all over it.
But i have been told  that apparently hes a very good healer. I also read that being said on the forum



besides that ive had some conversations with freeform who recommended i go on walks in wooded ereas everyday. Whitch ive been trying to do dayly As well.



thanks for your time and input,

best wishes,





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If Chun Yi expensive then ask his senior students instead. I think Lomax charge $65 that’s was years ago after attending his workshop. Have you done to Acupuncture or other Holistic Avenue? Maybe you Changing Diet,

start practice qigong (self healing)or working on your own shadow work? 

if it’s serious, it’s okay to go modern Doctors. 

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