The Art of Living, and letting go

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That which has a beginning also has an end. I just heard the news that a very dear old friend of my family passed on today. She was in her 80s, a very spiritual person who dedicated her life to her order since the 1980s. She was full of wisdom and would always give sage advice to all those who came to her -- and they would flock to her simple drawing room every day...all the time. 


From being an active member of a community, she had to retire to not being able to go outdoors as she aged further, and then during these difficult times, broke her shoulder after a fall and was bed-ridden for a few weeks until her eventual demise.


I think of her life, and find that she didn't have an easy one. Very talented, very wise, she was my teacher (and many others) -- a brilliant artist and art teacher. Her family life was troubled as her only daughter had difficulty getting settled in her life -- she sought solace in spiritual practices. Her husband, a brilliant scientist and wonderful, kind soul passed away more than 2 decades ago. And she continued on, handling the ups and downs of life with great equanimity. 


I've never seen her flustered, angry, sad, or depressed ever -- I used to go to her home whenever time permitted, (and in the last 2 decades whenever I'd visit my home town in India) -- she was always full of joy, love, and equanimity. What a wonderful example to set for all who were in her field of influence! 


And yet, this person passed away in almost complete isolation, stuck indoors under Covid-19 quarantine rules. I am quite sure that she let go with as much ease as she lived her life. 


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Thank you for the beautiful eulogy.

It painted a vivid picture.

My condolences for your loss.


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