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Daily life postures

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Hi everyone!


I would like to know more about the importance of postures. There's quite a bit of info on the forum about meditation postures, be it sitting, standing or whatever. But I was hoping to know about the important of postures I take through most of my day.


For eg, I have a tendency to bend my back when I am reading or writing, or at a computer. This has weakened my lower back muscles where a searing pain develops if I have to sit for more than half an hour at sitting meditation. I can consciously stop the suffering and simply sit there while feeling the pain, but I wanted to ask if that's good for the body.


There's more. Since I have been an avid smartphone user for quite a while, the wrist of my right hand seems to tilt to the side subconsciously whenever I sit in the Gyan Mudra. I am not very sensitive to qi yet, so I can't feel whether it interferes the energy movement during the kriyas.


Now that I have begun cultivating, my shoulders arch back and spine straightens naturally whenever I am conscious of the energies. However, I tend to go back to the old ways since I find them more comforting.


How should I go about this?

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