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I recently started paida Lajin practice in which you slap on your body vigorously. A lot of Sha appeared on my inner elbows. You first slap on both outer and inner elbows, then on both sides of palms, fingers then on outer and inner knees followed by slapping the soles of feet and on the outer side of feet. The instruction also says to slap the head in all directions along with face i.e. front, back, left, right and top of head. I am ok with slapping the sides of head and face but is it safe to slap the top of head because I read somewhere that you should not slap the top of head because so much meridians go through it? The slapping duration is from 5-15 mins per point. It also says to slap the governing channel and mingmen and the whole body at the end. Which points are not safe to slap? Any suggestions by senior practitioners? I have been sick for quite some time and this technique is somehow working on me. But I do want to follow the precautions.




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